"Working to support people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease"

2017 is here! 

Thank you to everyone who responded to my Christmas ask at the beginning of December - we received (just in online donations) £470 in general donations, and £395 for the research fund.  Thank you so much - I'm glad it worked!!

Well, here we are in a grey, cold and miserable January - having had nearly three weeks off over the Christmas period, coming back to work on the 3rd was quite hard!

2017 is going to be a bit of a different year this year - some things aren't happening that usually do, some things are happening, but differently.... and who knows, maybe some entirely new things may happen that even I don't know about yet!  There's nothing like ringing the changes!

Anyhow, read on, and you'll find out more!

And on behalf of all of us in the office, and the Board of Trustees, I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Annual Conference

If you've had your copy of ComMenT by now, you'll have seen that we've taken the difficult decision to cancel this year's Annual Conference.

                   pause, for the sharp intake of breath......!

Well, for those of you who have been every year, or even those of you who have been once or twice, you'll know, before we send out the invites, what the day will consist of - lectures, workshops maybe, a nice lunch, nice (expensive) venue....  We've done much the same since 1989 - is it not time to take a step back, and think "how could we make this different, better, entertaining, exciting, cheaper.....?!

That's what we think anyhow, and that's what we're going to try to do.  We're investigating a totally new venue for May 2018 - not a hotel, so much cheaper - where we can do something totally different.  Just as informative, just as useful, but presented in a more informal way, more entertaining, and with loads of different options - for kids, for young people, for the young at heart - everyone!  And all without you taking out a loan to come along!

I'm not going to say too much about it now, because planning is just beginning, and we need to check out the venue again, but watch this space, and we'll let you know what's happening as things progress.

Annual General Meeting

But - we still need to hold an Annual General Meeting, but we're going to have a virtual one - or a paper one, anyhow.  By the end of January, you should receive papers to allow you to vote by post on various issues - primarily the elections to the Board. So, if you're a paid up member,  keep your eyes peeled for the envelope!   (It'll even have a freepost envelope in it, so no excuses!!) 

Spring Draw

And just because we're not having a Conference, don't think you're going to get out of buying Grand Prize Draw tickets - we're just calling it the "Spring Draw", for a change!

But this year, we're opening the Draw to anyone, by doing it online!  You can buy tickets through Eventbrite, and add a donation on if you wish, and we'll enter your name in the draw equal to the number of tickets you've bought!   Eventbrite do charge a "per ticket" price, so we've made the tickets more expensive - £5 each - so we'll not waste your money on their fees - but hopefully, we'll raise the similar amount to usual.

Go to:  https://2017-spring-prize-draw.eventbrite.co.uk/ to buy your tickets.  Or phone the office, or send us a cheque to the usual address with a note of how many entries you'd like and we'll do the necessary.

Prizes will include a couple of cash prizes, plus as many donated ones as we can get.  We've already got a bottle of Champagne....!  If you can help us obtain prizes, please email me.


NMC Midlands

If you've not heard of the NeuroMuscular Centre in Coventry, their open day on 28th January, is an ideal opportunity to find out what services they can offer you, as a person affected by CMT. 

From physiotherapy, to advocacy and more, they can help you!

Read all about this Open Day here 

Health and Wellness Day

The first Health and Wellness Day in May 2016 was so well received, we're doing it again! 

We've chosen to go up to the Manchester area this time, on Saturday 25th March - but this time, we're doing it in a much more budget fashion (no Awards for All money this time -  ;(  ) so it'll be in a community centre in Timperley with a "picnic" lunch provided.  All paid members will be sent a letter shortly about this, with a booking form, but if you're not a member, and would like to come - what can I say?  JOIN!  'Tis as simple as that!

The last event was really fun - not only a great opportunity to learn from Rebekah Knight, a physio with CMT herself, but a fantastic chance to meet others in the same situation, laugh, share expenerinces and learn from each other.... don't miss it!!  Places are limited to 40, and the cost is £20 each (partners/spouses welcome). 
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