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President's Letter
Dear Council Leaders , Supporters, and Friends:

Perhaps you have been braving snow storms or tweet storms - or both. Whatever the case, I hope you and your loved ones experienced a festive holiday season and look forward, as we do at WACA, to making the new year a happy and successful one!

Because your calendars fill quickly, I want to share several key dates:
  • Jan. 10 - We kick off 2018 with CFR President Richard Haass in a Cover to Cover look at the state of American leadership in the world
  • Feb. 8 - More than 40 have already registered for the WACA breakfast at the Global Ties U.S. National Meeting
  • April 27-28 - The Carlos and Malรบ Alvarez 2018 Academic WorldQuest National Competition in Washington, DC
  • May 17-19 - Council Leadership Spring Meeting and WACA Board Meeting hosted by WAC San Antonio (hotel and agenda information to follow)
  • Nov. 7-9 - WACA 2018 National Conference at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC
I am very pleased to announce our return to The Mayflower, which has been beautifully renovated. Moreover, WACA's negotiation resulted in a three-year contract with the hotel. I encourage you to save the dates also for 2019 (Nov. 6-8) and 2020 (Nov. 17-20).

Something tells me our national politicians will continue to make things very interesting, from this election year to the next, and WACA will present a front-row seat to expert analysis and access to leaders, as always. Just as you do at Councils around the country, week in and week out. I am grateful for your efforts.

Happy New Year!
Bill Clifford
President and CEO  
A World in Disarray - January Cover to Cover
"These are no ordinary times. It will not be business as usual in a world of disarray; as a result, it cannot be foreign policy as usual," writes  Richard N. Haass , President of the Council on Foreign Relations, in his book, A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order

Haass argues for "World Order 2.0" - an updated global operating system that reflects the reality that power is widely distributed and that borders count for less. Dial in to next month's Cover to Cover to hear Haass's take on the need for an updated definition of sovereignty and how the U.S. should interact with the rest of the world.   

Register for the call

Join us for January's Cover to Cover on  Wednesday, January 10, at 2:00-2:30 PM ET .

We will feature authors Jonathan Quick in February and Chuck Freilich in March. Visit Cover to Cover on our website for details.
WACA Seeks Chief Operations Officer
The World Affairs Councils of America is pleased to announce the open position of Chief Operating Officer. The COO will provide internal management of the WACA national office staff and oversee a variety of organizational priorities and projects. See the full posting and  send complete applications to apply@worldaffairscouncils.org. Apply by  Monday, January 22
Councils Are Hiring! 

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is hiring! Apply for the position of Manager, Programming and DevelopmentMore details .
IRC logo

The International Relations Council (Kansas City) is hiring a Program Coordinator. See details.
Council of the Month: WAC - Washington, DC
WACA is pleased to announce that our January Council of the Month is the World Affairs Council - Washington, DC for its strategic collaboration with the Confucius Institute - U.S. Center in Washington, DC

This partnership has several elements: WAC-DC has generated substantial fee-for-service income as a program consultant to CI-USC; it has supported the annual CI-USC - HONORS Gala; and WAC-DC Board members participated in a CI-USC underwritten, eight-day global education mission to Beijing and Shanghai last fall.

WAC-DC and CI-USC have jointly developed 10 one-hour segments for a U.S.-China Global Education Television Series, featuring prominent American leaders being interviewed by presidents of major U.S. universities. The series will be broadcast nationwide in China and the U.S. in the first quarter of 2018.

WAC-DC President and CEO, Tony Culley-Foster, and staff

WAC-DC supplements its its  global education international affairs , and  global communications  program services  through the Emerging Global Leaders Internship Program , extensive volunteer and member involvement, and a large network of strategic partners. All of their annual programs are done in partnership with the Ronald Reagan Building - International Trade Center and filmed for nationwide broadcast on their weekly television program, World Affairs - TODAY .
FPA Student Essay/Video Competition

What is America's biggest challenge in the world? 

If you're a high school student, you're invited to submit either an essay or a video on this question.

Maximum essay length: 750 words; m aximum video length: 5 minutes

Winners in each medium will be judged by an expert panel of educators and designers of student outreach programs.  See more details here.

Criteria for judging:
  • Creative engagement with the Centennial Challenge topic
  • Compelling demonstration of the position you take
  • Breadth and depth of the vision you present
  • 1st prize: $1500 and expenses paid for a trip to attend the 2018 Foreign Policy Centennial Spring Dinner in New York City
  • 2nd prize: $500
  • 3rd prize: $500
Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2018
Academic WorldQuest 2017-2018

Information for the 2017-2018 Academic WorldQuest program is now available!

This year's AWQ Study Guide is now available, along with more information about  The Carlos and Malu Alvarez 2018 Academic WorldQuest National Competition, to be held  Saturday, April 28, 2018.

This year's AWQ National Competition will feature a welcome reception at the United States Institute of Peace on 
Friday, April 27. For topics, Study Guide, 
and more, click here.

Please note: the links in this block for the AWQ Study Guide are up to date. Links from previous emails may no longer be active due to the launch of the new WACA website

Sponsored by: United States Institute of Peace
Listen to WACA Podcasts!

Last month, Dr. Gamal Gasim, professor and contributor to Al Jazeera, joined Michael Van Denend, Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan, for a KNOW NOW call on the crisis in Yemen. Listen to the podcast.
Global I.Q. Minute with Jim Falk

In this episode of World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth's Global I.Q. Minute, David Ignatius, best-selling author and prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post, discusses his new novel, The Quantum Spy, with WAC Dallas/Fort Worth President and CEO, Jim Falk. Listen now.
Councils in the News

Alaska World Affairs Council

World Affairs Council of Orange County

Gen. Petraeus: On the Record -- Military Press

World Affairs Council of the Desert

World Affairs Council of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
World Affairs Council of St. Louis

World Affairs Council of Palm Beach

World Affairs Council Hosts Cousin and Opponent of Syrian President -- Palm Beach Daily News

Sarasota World Affairs Council

World Affairs Council of Atlanta

World affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana

International Relations Council (Kansas City)

Let's Get Real About America's Security -- The Kansas City Star

Northern Nevada International Center

Foreign Policy Association

Cleveland Council on World Affairs

World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

World Affairs Council of San Antonio

Institute of World Affairs (Milwaukee)

Travel the World from WAC Philadelphia

Travel with Council Leaders - hear them lecture on Travel the World tours from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia!

2018 travel schedule includes trips to: 
  • Dr. Carla Thorson, Senior Vice President, Programs, World Affairs Council Northern California, Southern Africa: Feb. 10-Mar. 5
  • Bill Clifford, President and CEO, World Affairs Councils of America, Inside Japan: Mar. 31 - Apr. 12
  • Jim Falk, President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Cruise the Rhine, July 11-29
  • Anna Berry, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Cambridge, Oxford, and the Cotswolds: July 20-28
  • Derrick Olsen, President, WorldOregon, Treasures of Ecuador: Aug. 27-31
  • Megan Torrey, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of Hartford, Himalayan Kingdoms, Sept. 11-25
  • Mimi Gregory, Vice President of Programs, Naples Council on World Affairs, Inside Botswana: Oct. 4-16
  • Joyce Davis, President, World Affairs Council of Harrisburg, Town & Country Life in Languedoc: Oct. 6-14
Contact www.wacphila.org/travel  or call 1-800-942-5004 , ext.  209  or 217 .

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