Eid is coming!  Have you requested time off from work for Eid Al-Adha? If not, please request your vacation time as soon as possible. If you have any difficulties receiving time off, contact CAIR-WA immediately at 206.367.4081 
"Our Time to Shine" on July 15th

Welcome to our now-monthly CAIR-WA newsletter. We keep you connected to tips, news, services and events, like this July's " Our Time to Shine!"

Did you know only  3% of American Muslims work in media and politics? 
              You can help change that!

  "Our Time to Shine" is a project designed to drastically increase the number of American Muslim youth who enter careers in media and politics by having them volunteer with a political campaign of their choice. 
Your Monthly Tip!
Are you travelling for Hajj? Please be sure to take the following steps to best prepare for your travel:

1-Ensure all your travel documents are up to date

2-Fill out the form at www.airportlawyer.org This tool will connect you with a volunteer attorney to call if you are detained at the airport

3-Give a friend or family member your flight information and the contact information of the attorney from www.airportlawyer.org Plan to call that friend when you arrive in Washington state and have cleared Customs. If they do not hear from you within 3 hours of your scheduled arrival, have them call the attorney and CAIR-WA  at: 206.367.4081

For more info: Register for CAIR's "Know Your Rights as a Hajj Traveler"(click here)  online seminar Wednesday, August 9th
Sarah Stuteville, Media & Outreach Director at CAIR-WA
Welcoming Our New Media & Outreach Director
This month welcome Sarah Stuteville, our new Media & Outreach Director. Before joining CAIR-WA Sarah served as co-founder of  The Seattle Globalist  & as a faculty member at  UW Department of Communication . She spent almost a decade reporting from around the world including Pakistan, Syria, Northern Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Kenya. For five years she wrote a weekly column on international connections in the Pacific Northwest for  The Seattle Times . Contact her for help with stories, to become a source in stories, to brainstorm stories or just to chat: sstuteville@cair.com

Photo by Matt Mills McKnight, Tri-City Herald
Why we CAIR: Success Story
Mushtaq Jihad, now Noah Adam Ibrahim, escaped armed groups in Iraq and settled in Richland with his wife and daughters in 2008. But, despite their efforts, citizenship eluded them . The couple's applications were held up for years while Ibrahim, diagnosed with leukemia , struggled to secure health care. In March 2016, CAIR-WA's Civil Rights Team received a complaint from Ibrahim regarding his delays in his citizenship application process. CAIR-WA collaborated with Ibrahim's legal counsel to help advocate for his case, ultimately connecting him with an immigration attorney willing to pursue litigation against USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Soon thereafter the battle was won. And on May 22nd, 2017 Ibrahim completed his oath to become a US Citizen.  

CAIR-WA received 28 reports of discrimination in July 2017. If you would like to report discrimination contact our Civil Rights Department online,  by phone at 206.367.4081 or e-mail at info@cairseattle.org

Global Islamophobia Awareness Day.
Seattle-area youth speak out against Islamophobia
Local youth are doing something about Islamophobia in their communities. In July the founders of Global Islamophobia Awareness day,  an open-to-the-public day of workshops related to Islam, celebrated their third annual event.

"We created this initiative to educate people on Islam's true nature and help end  Islamophobia  as well as misconceptions people have of American Muslims," says Ahlaam Ibraahim, 19, founder and organizers of GIAD, "The initiative teaches youth all over the world how to discuss and approach these topics in a positive manner." You can hear more from Ahlaam in her interviews about Global Islamophobia Awareness Day on KOMO News and in The Seattle Globalist and The South Seattle Emerald.

Request a speaker: 
Is your school, work, organization or business club interested in hosting a CAIR-WA speaker? Speakers can can focus on rights, American Muslim contributions in the community, the basics of Islam and many more topics. Fill out a request form today.
CAIR-WA Civil Rights Director, Jasmin Samy, gives TedxUofW talk on "The Empowerment of Hate."
WATCH: The impact of Hate on kids    
According to a  CAIR California  report, 55% of Muslim students report bullying due to their faith. This spring, our Civil Rights Director, Jasmin Samy, spoke about the impacts of anti-Muslim hate on kids at  TEDxUofW . Watch closely and share widely. It's 10 minutes well spent.

CAIR-WA is hiring!     
CAIR-WA seeks an accomplished, self-motivated and highly organized communications professional with excellent media skills as our new Communications Coordinator.
If that's you, or someone you know, email a resume, with cover letter and three references to: info@cairseattle.org and sstuteville@cair.com
Women's Self-defense Classes

The Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) will be hosting a Women's Self Defense class starting the last week of August 2017. The instructor, Fauzia Lala, has first-degree black belts in both Taekwondo and Arnis and is trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, and Krav Maga. Every month, the class will have a guest instructor, ranging from officers at the Redmond Police Department to trainers from other martial art styles.

For more information please email: info@defenseninjas.com 
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