Welcome to Honors Human Physiology, Fall 2017
Dear  ,

You are receiving this email because you are enrolled in the Honors Human Physiology course for Fall 2017.  This email provides some initial course information, to help you prepare.

If you have any questions prior to the start of the semester, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Bill Yates, Ph.D.
Course Director
Course Website

I have created a standalone website customized for the course: honorshumanphysiology.com.   This website will provide the main hub for course activities, so please become familiar with it.
Course Materials

Most of the course materials for the Fall are already posted on the website. For each lecture, extensive notes and other materials are provided on the lectures page.  

I have also consolidated the notes into a packet, in case you would like to print them.  If you have access to cheap printing over the summer, this may be a good option.  You can download the packet from either of these links:
Course Purchases

Two books are available for the course, as outlined on the textbook information page.  Note that both books are medical school texts, and you may well use them again if you attend medical school in the future.

We will also engage in interactive learning by using Tophat.  This system allows you to provide feedback via any device running iOS or android.   We will be using Tophat to facilitate classroom discussions, and to test your knowledge of material.   Thus, you will need a Tophat subscription, which can be used for any course that employs the system.
Finding the Classroom

We use one of the medical school lecture rooms for the course: Scaife LR3.  I have prepared this map to help you find the classroom.