"Working to support people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease,
 by providing information and funding research"

Welcome to CMT Awareness Month!

Well, September is here and we've launched our Awareness Campaign!

We hope, as ever, that this focus on CMT around the world will really help bring the condition into the limelight.

But we can't do it alone, your help is vital!



Still plenty of time to order your GotNerve4CMT shirts - here's us in the office wearing them!

Left to right: Karen, Lisa,Yvonne and Kim

Just go to www.cmt.org.uk/shop and click on Awareness to find them - proceeds go straight to our Research Fund.  And make sure you upload pictures of yourself doing something active - whatever you can manage - to the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/events/1798630850369155/permalink/1835776719987901/

Raising Awareness

This is our new poster for 2016!  You can download it here, and you can go to the Awareness Page on our website - www.cmt.org.uk/awareness to find out all the ways you can get involved!

Download it here!

Don't forget to purchase your Awareness Day Kit at our webshop!  For £10 you get 10 posters, 10 flyers, 5 What is CMT leaflets, 10 silicon wristbands, a car sticker and a 2gb flash drive with all our publications on it, to give to your consultant, GP or whoever you feel most needs educating!!

Connect with our Social Media too - "like" the Facebook page  and "follow" @CMTUnitedKdom on Twitter!
Awarenss Ribbon

We also have a new Facebook Group for anyone to join - https://www.facebook.com/groups/cmtuk/

And don't forget to change your profile picture to this image, and lets have our Awareness Ribbons all over Facebook!   Or you can put a message of support "over" your usual Facebook profile picture by using a thing called a Twibbon (yes, I'd never heard of it either!) - just go to http://twibbon.com/support/cmt-aware
It should work!!  

Telling your story

A vital part of Awareness Month is trying to get stories in the press - both local and (we
hope) national. 

Paula Hunter, our PR consultant, works very hard to try to do this for us, but what they really like are personal stories!  If you think you would like to be featured in an article, including sharing a photo of yourself and possibly being interviewed,  please contact Paula on 07739 989915 or email her on paula@prhunter.co.uk.  She will endeavour to make sure you know exactly what you're letting yourself in for!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we shall endeavour to share all the links for successful articles.   

Scottish Conference - URGENT!!!

Just a quick reminder of our Scottish Conference - 17th September at Hilton Edinburgh Airport. 

To book, the quickest way now is to ring the office between 10am and 1pm and do it over the phone - 01202 474203.  If there is no reply, please leave a message and either Kim or Yvonne will ring you back as soon as they can.

We are very short of delegates this time, so if you don't support this, we may have to rethink whether (or how often) we can afford to have these events.   Cost has now been reduced to £25 per head.

CMT United Kingdom | 0800 652 6316 | karen@cmt.org.uk | www.cmt.org.uk