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July 8th - July 11th 
Earth Camp@Koinonia Retreat Center
for kids that have completed 1st-6th grade
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July 23rd - July 27th    
Joyful Uproar
for kids that have completed 1st-6th grade
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July 28th - August 5th      
Sr. High Mission Trip
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August 6th - August 10th 
Vacation Bible Camp "ROME: Paul and the Underground Church"
ages 3 years-4th grade
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Summer Sunday 
Snap Shot
Love Letters from God

 Last Week (7/1)
Wind and Waves

This Wee k (7/8) 
The Prayerful Girl

Next Week (7/15)  
                             Saul / Paul

Earth Camp Send Off!
We are so excited for our group of 13 campers to head to Koinonia for plenty of games and adventures! There are letter writing stations in Carlson Hall and in the Social Hall for anyone to write them notes of fun and encouragement as they head out on their adventure.

Joyful Uproar!
Come and learn about the travels of the Apostle Paul while singing and bell ringing and having a great time with friends! Joyful Uproar is our half-day music camp that runs from  July 23rd-July 27th . In our time together, we will learn the entire musical, "Paul and Co." and then we will perform our musical on  Sunday, July 29th  during our  10:00am  Traditional Worship Service! This is an annual favorite for our entire worship community!

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Summertime can mean adventures on the road - but adventure isn't just "out there" but also in our own backyards! Adventure is all about brave participation in the unknown. Teaching our kids to take chances and seek out new experiences is an essential part of the courage needed for human flourishing and for faithful living. You can help your kids be ready for anything (well, almost anything!) with some of these activities. 

  1. Be prepared! Before you head out for summer adventures, have your kids help you pack your bag. Do you need sunscreen? an umbrella? water bottles (always a hearty yes to water bottles!)? Kids can help with planning, packing, and carrying what you'll need for the day. As you travel to your destination, ask: how else do we prepare for our day? What do we pack in our mental bags to help us be ready for anything?
  1. Read on! Visit your local library. This is a great habit to get into especially during the summer, when libraries provide relief from heat and boredom. Let your kids pick out the books (or music or movies) they want, but also invite them to try something they normally wouldn't try. Have a voracious reader check out a graphic novel; have your fantasy fiend try historical fiction; nudge your movie lover into some books based on their favorite series.
  1. Start a conversation! At your local park or playground, remind your kids to keep their eyes open for children playing alone. Some kids like to be by themselves, but others don't know how to make new friends - especially if they're in unfamiliar territory. Ask your kids, "How can we help them feel welcome?" Suggest inviting them to a specific activity (making a sand castle, etc) or sharing toys.
  1. Dive in! At the pool, have your kids take the next step in their swimming adventures. Blowing bubbles underwater, learning to dog paddle, floating without a life vest, or diving down to catch sinking toys are all steps towards being brave and capable swimmers. If you have a "fish" in the family, check out your local YMCA or other community organization for lessons that can help them get even better!
  1. Find your own adventure! When kids head to summer camp, they discover all kinds of new and unknown opportunities. Help them reflect on how they practiced their bravery each day. In the car or over dinner, ask: What new thing did you do today? Did you like it? Would you try it the same way again or do something different?
  1. Explore your faith! Try an activity at church that you haven't done before - especially if you can do it as a family. Are there volunteer roles you could try out this summer, like ushering or serving communion together? If you go on vacation, find a church to visit on Sunday and talk about it after. What was the same as your home church? What was different?
  1. Adventure is all around! Bravely trying new things happens every day. Whether it's eating a new food, welcoming new neighbors, or just learning a new chore to help around the house, your kids are learning from you how to have patience and courage when trying something new. As you challenge and encourage them, they'll keep growing both in their skills and in their self-confidence!

By Caryn Rivadeneira, Illustrated by Katy Betz

Experience the grit and grace of seventeen adventurous women of the Bible through creative first person retellings of each person's story. Grit and Grace is for girls who long to know where they fit in God's kingdom, who want to know they are made for more than the frilly and frivolous, and that they can make a difference in the world around them. Through stories, reflection questions, and action ideas, the book helps readers become the gutsy, grace-filled girls God made them to be.

Want to see other recommended books about adventure from Beaming Books? Check out this spectacular reading list here!
She's Here! He's Here!
Welcome Pastor Frenchye!
Welcome Mister Squire!
Last Sunday was a BIG day!  Our Hennepin Kids had the opportunity to welcome 2 new members to the Hennepin Staff.  Pastor Frenchye helped lead worship on Sunday, and even the rain couldn't dampen the excitement of welcoming her during our hotdog picnic after worship.

Our welcome for Mr. Mark Squire went a little below the radar.  A little known secret was that Mr. Squire was singing undercover in the Summer Choir.  While the choir was leading worship, our Orange Team of Hennepin Kids had a covert operation of their own to decorate his new office door in a grand manner!

We are so excited for the new things that God is doing at Hennepin through and with these two new leaders!

Mister Squire's office door got a special makeover on Sunday!
Letters of Encouragement
Last week was a big week for Letters of Welcome.  This week we will learn about Letters of Encouragement.  Many of the letters that were written by the Apostle Paul were letters to encourage young churches as they worked through situations of harsh treatment and internal frustration as the young churches were growing.  This Sunday, Mary Martin will join us to talk about the Dignity Center, and we will write letter of encouragement for their participants as they work through their hurdles related to employment, hunger, and sustatainable housing.

The  Values Project  is a year-long initiative designed to equip families to raise children who thrive emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Get inspiration, practical ideas, family activities, and parenting tips from our network of seasoned parents and faith leaders, because it takes a village to raise a good human. Each month we'll explore a different value-like honesty, loyalty, creativity, kindness, compassion, and adventure!

Paddle Forward!
Sometimes adults need children to remind them that the seemingly ordinary and inconvenient things in life can be full of wonder.

Written by Sarah Logemann

One of my most recent adventures was whitewater rafting with ministry colleagues on a staff retreat. Eric, our energetic twenty-something guide was enthusiastically yelling instructions over the raging sound of the river. After the first set of rapids, Eric said he'd never seen the river like this before. Unusually high water levels had sped up the flow and made rapids more unpredictable and dangerous.

When we came around the next bend and could see the upcoming set of rapids, I heard Eric mutter a four-letter word under his breath. Fear pulsed through my body as the roaring rapids got closer and closer. Eric screamed, "Paddle left!" "Paddle back!" "Go, go, go, go!" We frantically tried to keep up as the river got more and more rough. Suddenly, Eric flew up from his guiding perch in the back of the boat, soared several feet in the air, and landed, facedown in the middle of the boat. The river raged on, and we were left (for the moment, at least) to navigate it ourselves without any help from our now bloodied guide.

The Bible is FULL of stories of adventure, including a large number of pulse raising experiences with water... shipwrecks, floods, storms at sea, passing through walls of water, and more.

Both in and out of water, adventure has the potential to teach, shape, unite, and grow the ones who embark upon it. As a person of faith, I believe that adventure is a place where God's presence can be felt in very tangible ways. In adventure, we inhabit the fringes of our comfort zones, come face to face with our limits, and see the bigness of God in a new way.

Children have a keen appreciation for adventure. In stories, imaginative play, and activities of their own, kids naturally speak the language of adventure. To be sure, some children are more natural risk-takers and others prefer to play it safe, but adventure always plays a part in growing up.

Children have taught me that ANYTHING can be an adventure - it doesn't have to be as dramatic as raging rapids. Going to the mailbox, grocery shopping, a cancelled flight, and even the space behind the couch cushions can all be adventurous. Sometimes adults need children to remind them that the seemingly ordinary and inconvenient things in life can be full of wonder.

In the intentional and unintentional rapids of adventure, those of us who care for children can help to guide the boat. Consider asking these questions when you encounter an adventure in real life, in the Bible, or in play. .. Continue Reading .
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And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.
- Micah 6:8