The Parent/Child Aquatic Program, which promotes water enrichment and aquatic readiness activities for children from six months up to three years of age and their parents or other trusted adults. The developmental experiences of each child are used to build the child's self-confidence. Parents learn from the instructor's example how to guide their children through positive reinforcement and appropriate praise. 

Another benefit of the Parent/Child program is the social experiences it provides for both children and parents. Classes bring people together in a casual, comfortable atmosphere, and Y instructors try to promote interaction among class members. 

Swimmers are assigned to specific levels within the parent/child program using the following developmental ability guidelines for the following ages/levels.
  • SKIP
    • 6 to 8 months old (Child can control the head and sit with support)
    • 9 to 12 months old (Child can sit on their own and stand with support)
    • 13 to 18 months old (Child can stand without support and walk a bit)
    • 19 to 36 months old (Child can run and jump)

In all levels the objectives of the Parent/Child Program are for participants to
  • have fun
  • get exercise
  • receive parent education
  • learn from safe water adjustment


The skills taught in the Parent/Child Program center around five main components.
Activities that help increase awareness of personal safety issues for both the child and the family, including boating safety. Pool Entries & Exits. Proper use of Instructional Flotation Devices (Bubbles, Noodles, Barbells). Pool Rules. 

Activities that help the child and the family grow in spirit, mind, and body, including character development. Balance. Relaxation. Imitation. Independence. Following Directions. Connecting with others. 

Activities that help develop swimming abilities so participants can move in the water safely. Imitates parent by putting face in the water. Is relaxed in both the front towing and back cradle position. Blowing bubbles on cue. Ships and expels water on cue. Balances on the parent's knee without support of parent. Moving around while wearing IFD. Climbing in and out of pool without assistance. KIcking and moving arms. 

Activities that help develop an appreciation of aquatic activities that may last a lifetime, including age appropriate games & songs. Pushing & catching a ball. Tossing balls into basket. Song and movement activities led by instructor. 

Activities that build awareness of how to help self and others in aquatic emergencies. Does not enter the pool until requested to do so by a parent. Does not leave the parent while on deck or in the locker room. Moves cautiously on deck while entering or exiting the pool. Climbing onto raft safely. Floating in a Personal Flotation Device (lifejacket). 

Your first visit to the Y...

For information about where to park and how to enter the building, please use link below for details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring to class?
  • A Bathing Suit & Towel for Parent & Child
  • Foot Wear (Flip Flops/Water Shoes) 
  • Please do not wear swimsuits that have flotation devices built into them. 
  • Swim Diapers
  • Lock for securing belongings in locker room or you may bring a swim bag to pool deck and place in cubbies. 

What is the temperature of the Pool? 
  • Our Warm Pool range is 88°-90°. 
  • This pool is accessible by ramp if needed. 
  • The max depth of the pool is 3 feet.  
How many swimmers are in the class?
  • 8 children and their parent or other adult
Can a swimmer have 2 adults with them in the water?
  • Each child may only have 1 adult swimmer in the water
  • Families may alternate which adult swims with child each week. 
Can I makeup a class at an alternate time?
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer make up classes for missed classes or if you have a scheduling conflict. Our classes have a max capacity of 8 parent/child participants and most classes fill with a wait list.  

Refund/Cancellation Policy

The YMCA aquatics department will only credit/refund money due to medical reasons with a doctor note. Any credit/refund made after the start of a session will be prorated at the discretion of the Aquatics Director. All programs have a minimum enrollment number of three participants. Programs with fewer participants may be combined or cancelled. You will have the option of receiving a full refund/credit or switching to another similarly priced program or class, if available, at no extra charge.