Welcome to The Fuller Project

We are pleased to introduce the Fuller Project for International Reporting, a global, multi-media organization that produces investigative and solution-driven news about issues that affect women and about education.

It's time: Women author only one in five op-eds in major US newspapers and make up less than 25 percent of guests discussing foreign policy and national security on influential TV shows. Even in articles about women's bodies, men are quoted more frequently.  

Research shows women are more likely to focus on solutions but they are not being heard. 

We at The Fuller Project are a team of award-winning journalists dedicated to changing this by giving women a voice in international news. Our independent multimedia reporting—in print, video, radio, and photograph—focuses on giving women a platform in major news outlets. 

Since 2014, we've been preparing to launch The Fuller Project. Our feature length film about ending domestic violence, Dying to Divorce, was recently screened at Lincoln Center. In The Atlantic Monthly, we investigated discrimination against women reporters in journalism awards, and the need for more women police officers to investigate sexual assault. Our series on Syrian girl refugees seeking an education was featured in The New York TimesForeign Affairs and Syria Deeply, and our article on how Syrian women journalists cover war appeared in ELLE. In Foreign Affairs we wrote about mothers protesting sweeping changes to Turkish education.

Additionally, we’ve looked at news stories through a gendered lens for The New York Times, The Guardian, TIME, Newsweek, and dozens of others. Through our partnership with Public Radio International's The World and The BBC, we are driving coverage of women for millions of listeners and viewers each week, like these pieces on how Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy affects women and on what Turkish women think of the coup.  

Please visit us at www.fullerproject.com to see more of our work, learn about our team, and tell us how you'd like to get involved. 

Warm Regards,  Christina and Xanthe   

                   Christina Asquith   
               Xanthe Scharff Ackerman