September 8, 2017
Welcome Back!
I wanted to briefly welcome you back for YTC's 46th indoor season commencing Saturday,
September 9th. Like the first day of school, the feeling never gets old. There's a lot that's been going on the past month or so and I think you'll feel the "buzz" when you come back into the club.  Enthusiasm is everywhere!
Our new LED court lighting system was installed two weeks ago and its impact is dramatic. Light level readings increased by 64%, our electrical savings is projected at 142,800 kWh per year. This translates to the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions from 21 passenger cars driven for one year, as well as the annual CO2 emissions from the electricity in 14.8 homes. It looks great and it's quiet. Bring your sunscreen.
Tendai Kuwaza has revamped our Jr. Program and under the new "D.A.T." (Developmental Appropriate Tennis) model it promises to be exciting. Ask Tendai about it but be ready, he gets excited!  This fall, Mark Santucci will take full control of the Adult Clinic Program, QSTA Adult Beginner and Adult Play Opportunities. There are some great player-inspired offerings. Richard Sanchez will oversee the growing "Flex Adult Clinics" as well as handling all stringing orders and racquet sales. Nothing gets past Thane Schweyer. He'll be overseeing all Jr. Evaluations,  Jr. level management and, as he's demonstrated at times, everything else. Ed Forker has joined the team and the ink just dried on the addition of Roberto Bianco, who was the Director of Tennis at Solaris/Hawthorne.  We're very excited about this. And the rest of the staff, the ones you've come to love, will be back, too!  LIKE us on Facebook and watch KJ's iPhone buzz with the latest at YTC.
I've been doing this for 32 years now and my family has been in it for all of the 46 years of YTC's run. They'll never be an opening day without Coach Pat Rogers.  As a young 23-year-old who walked in that first day I was greeted by Coach with his infectious smile, Warby Parker- type glasses (before it was fashionable) and a massive handshake. "Coach Pat here, welcome to YTC." Technically I was his boss but, really, he was my life coach, friend and one of the greatest inspirations you'll ever come in contact with. I always say, "We can drop Coach Pat out of an airplane into the Amazon with a racquet and a can of balls. Within hours everyone will be playing tennis and singing Jimmy Buffet songs." Coach Pat has now officially retired but he'll never retire in spirit.  As a token of our appreciation, the 2017-18 season will be dedicated to him. We've taken the liberty of naming Court Four the Coach Pat Rogers Court. Nothing but the "show court" for Coach Pat. Tennis has a way of changing peoples lives, it did for Pat and everyone here at YTC can't thank him enough for his friendship and wisdom on and off the court. Click below for more from Pat directly.
We hope you join us come September 9th to not only remember the good old times, but also to create new memories. As Coach Pat says, "Special things happen on a tennis court."
Yours truly,

Joe Curto
Yonkers Tennis Center

A message from 
Coach Pat!