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October 2016

Welcome inventors and creators to our 2016 -2017 series!

It was a pleasure and I think it was appropriate to begin the new year for SDIF by presenting a New Product Development Plan!
This is a guide that describes the 5 steps, 42 tasks to go from device idea to presentation ready all in an organized manner. Excel spreadsheet is accompanied with clear written directions for use and more. Over 30 years experience in these pages! 
Adrian Pelkus  

I'm delighted to announce our Speaker of the Month for October is Stephen Key!
Stephen Key is an award-winning product developer, a renowned intellectual property strategist, and a lifelong entrepreneur. The dozens of concepts he has brought to market have retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and theme parks worldwide, as well as been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift. In 2001, Key co-founded InventRight,
a one-on-one coaching program that has helped people from more than 40 countries license their ideas. One Simple Idea, his bestselling book about product licensing, has been translated into five other languages. He writes about entrepreneurship and licensing online weekly for Inc., Entrepreneur, and the design website Core77.  

Next meeting Thursday October 13th. 7pm.
See you there!

SDIF is a fabulous re source for inventors, and it just wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. These are people who are often inventors themselves who provide services to our members. Please check them out below.

A Special note -
Thank you Judy Balian for the years of help with this newsletter!
You did a great job setting this up on Constant Contact and managing this, we appreciate the time and effort you gave to this immensely.  
SDIF - The Place to Be
SDIF monthly meetings are the ideal place to get help on all aspects of inventing as well as make new contacts. Unlike other inventors' organizations, we have no costly annual dues or membership requirements. All you need is a desire to learn about the world of inventing and to network with like-minded people. Whether you're an inventor or a service provider to inventors, SDIF is the place to be the second Thursday of each month!

SDIF's Booth at Maker Faire won!  
Thanks for helping out at the booth!

Leslie Wagner                                Michele Nash-Hoff                     Sidney Wildesmith

We are proud to announce we won this "Maker of Merit" ribbon for our contributions to the inventor community!!! 

Can not wait to go back next year! Michele wrote a great article about the event

TEDxSanDiego 2016: Registration Now Open
This year CONNECT is partnering with TEDxSanDiego for the 2016 Innovation Alley!
In addition to the speakers and performers who will grace the stage at Copley Symphony Hall on October 22nd, we're blocking off B Street in front of Symphony Towers to once again build Innovation Alley as a showcase for San Diego's most innovative companies and entrepreneurs.
Edison Nation Seeking Inventors
Have that idea that you have always wanted to pursue and see if you could get it to market?
Let Edison Nation show you what they can offer in support. All SDIF members need to do is go to , create a standard free account and then send an e-mail to .
Outdoor inventing?
Casting for outdoor adventurists
"If you have a new product that is ready to be field tested and are looking for the funds to take it to the next level, then we want to hear from you".

Here is the SDIF 2016 -2017 schedule!


Elections and inventors rights 
Your vote matters - Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Profiting from your own ideas is a cornerstone of our country's foundation.
These rights are being
Patent laws matter and the new laws are hurting the American Inventor.

Please vote for candidates that support inventors rights.
In this election there are candidates that chose big corporations rights over the independent inventor. Our vote can change this picture.
Patents made, make and keep our country great!
  • Support your local inventor,  repeal AIA
  • New patents,  new products = new jobs
  • Save our economy, save the American Inventor!
  • Inventors rights matter!
  • Don't let big corporations  bury American dreams.
  • All human progress comes from new ideas.
  • Patent laws matter.

Please vote for candidates that support us independent American Inventors!


Thank you,


Sponsors & Inventor Stories Wanted
SDIF Sponsors wanted!!!
-Platinum Sponsors - $2500-On banner and introduced at contest, Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website, and on monthly Agenda
-Gold - $1000- Speaker of the Month, post in newsletter, website and monthly agenda
-Silver -$500 - post in newsletter, website and monthly Agenda
-Bronze -$100 - post in newsletter & website

Nationwide webinars are planned!  Stay tuned for more information.

SDIF needs stories about and by inventors! We are calling for volunteers to help gather and write stories or folks to send theirs.  Contact Adrian if you're interested. 

Send us yours or Become an "Inventor of the Month"!
Time onstage (10 minutes) to pitch your product and get feedback.
Help motivate other inventors, come tell your story!

SDIF Memberships
SDIF now has memberships.   Regulars can pay $10 monthly at the desk or become members. One year for $100.

Membership Benefits
· Discount 2 months off regular price
· Monthly admission to local meetings
· Subscription to Monthly Newsletter
· Free Webinar & new videos link
· 1 free listing for Members New Product Showcase
· 2 Seats at the 2016 Contest
Stay inventive San Diego!
Its going to be an incredible year for inventors!
A new focus on startup entrepreneurs is sweeping the nation.
There are more opportunities than ever to make your product known.

This could be a great year for you to get your idea out there, we are here to help.
From capturing your concept to making it to the market.
Inventors help inventors.  
Welcome to the San Diego Inventors Forum!

Wishing you an inventive day and hoping to see you on Thursday!          
Adrian Pelkus    

Adrian Pelkus, Chairman
San Diego Inventors Forum
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Quick Links

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Resources for Inventors
Development Council

The mission of the San Diego & Imperial SBDC Network is to provide superior business consulting and education that results in entrepreneurial success and economic growth and prosperity for California. Over the last five years the network has assisted more than 12,000 business owners raise capital, increase revenue and create jobs. Under the guidance of professional consultants, our clients have generated more than $41 million in capital infusion into the local economy.

Consulting is complimentary to businesses that are ready to grow and is available in a private setting at one of four centers and six outreach locations. The SBDC offers guidance on how to reduce the cost of operations, increase sales and market share, financing, money management, exporting internationally, marketing and online marketing, patent and technology commercialization, and market research. To learn more about these valuable resources, visit their website or contact Carol Wiley at 619.216.6690 or 

United Inventors1

SDIF is a member of the United Inventors Association is the Inventor Industry's national membership foundation dedicated to inventor education and support.  Learn more...

CONNECT Springboard offers free guidance and development to life sciences, clean-tech, high tech and consumer product companies in all stages of development, ranging from concept, technology transfer to start-up. Contact: Steve Hoey, Director, Springboard Program & Innovation Research at or by phone at 858.964-1308   Learn more...

SCORE can help you start a new business or improve your present business. For more information about the SCORE San Diego's free small business counseling and the low-cost workshop series, call 619.557.7272 or visit their website

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A-Squared Tech Adrian Pelkus, CEO 
   A Squared Technologies, Inc.
Home of California Product Developers
California Product Developers  
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Sheppard Mullin  
Amy J. Romaker Director of Client Service Teams 
12275 El Camino Real, Suite 200
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Leslie Wagner
Leslie F. Wagner
Intellectual Property and Licensing Consultant
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Patents and Ventures
        George Levy
         Patent Agent

Inventions into Income  
Product Development
Ben Gage 
  Sidney Wildesmith -Video 
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                 Judith Balian
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Akiko Kobayashi, Ph.D.
Registered Patent Agent

Emory Legal LLP
Business, Technology and Intellectual Property Law
600 West Broadway, Suite 700
San Diego, CA 92101
619-752-0249 Direct | 619-752-2003 Fax
David Waller of Patent Success Strategies.  David is a long-time SDIF member who has helped many of our inventors get their patents.  Contact David at 858.768.1864.

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