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Neighbors Helping Neighbors with Plano CARES 

Physical ailments and financial hardships can hinder our friends and neighbors from keeping up-to-date on common code violations. That's where Plano Code Abatement by Residents Engaged in Service (CARES) steps in. Volunteers get together every second Saturday of the month from March through November, and help their neighbors who are not able to resolve common code violations on their own. Do you want to help your friends and neighbors out? Sign up to volunteer!

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Turn Your Neighborhood Into a BEST Neighborhood

We have great neighborhoods in Plano that make our city an ideal place to live, work, and play. The BEST Neighborhoods Designation program recognizes neighborhoods that have gone above and beyond to create a community that is Beautiful, Engaged, Safe, and Thriving - BEST!

The BEST Neighborhoods Designation is a recognition program with 3 levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Program criteria are broken into four categories: Beautiful, Engaged, Safe, and Thriving. All Awardees receive a mention of designation status, a designation status logo (to use on pamphlets, brochures, etc.) and, most of all, bragging rights! Platinum Awardees also receive two neighborhood entrance signs, inclusion in a custom online story map, and social media promotion. Learn more about the 2016 Platinum Awardees here.

Apply today to get your neighborhood on the map and keep Plano Beautiful, Engaged, Safe, and Thriving! Applications are due no later than October 6, 2017 and can be submitted by a registered homeowners association, neighborhood association, or crime watch group.

Receive a $5,000 Rebate On Your Home Improvements

The Great Update Rebate program is designed to provide assistance with the cost of repairs and renovations to homeowners with maturing properties in Plano. Since its inception in 2014, the program has put over $1.5 million back into the pockets of Plano homeowners, who collectively have invested over $10.5 million in improvements to their homes.

Plano homeowners with a single family home, duplex, or condominium that is 35 years or older may be eligible for a rebate up to $5,000. In order to qualify in 2017, the home’s appraised value must be less than or equal to $253,575, and the homeowner must plan to invest at least 10% of the home’s appraised value into eligible renovations. Eligible renovations must take place after the homeowner receives program approval. Both interior and exterior improvements may qualify, with a few exceptions. See a full list of eligibility criteria and qualifying improvements here. If you are interested in seeing if your property qualifies for the program, visit our interactive map and type in your address.

Get to Know Your Ordinance: Tree Limbs

Trees are a big part of what makes Plano a beautiful city, but they require some basic upkeep so they do not become a public nuisance. The City of Plano’s tree limb ordinance has some guidelines to make sure your tree does not become a hazard to others. 

Tree limbs are required to be at least seven feet above public sidewalks to allow safe and easy passage for pedestrians. Tree limbs are also required to be at least fourteen feet above public streets and alleys. This requirement ensures that emergency and service vehicles are able to travel throughout our city easily and without damage.

The City of Plano tree limb ordinance does not address tree limbs that are located between or across private property lines. Disputes regarding these types of limbs are a civil matter and must be resolved between neighbors. Well-maintained trees help keep Plano a safe, healthy, vibrant place to live!

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