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Step 1 of 4 Part Series

Taking care of your car's paint and appearance overall


Seriously consider this, the same process it takes to keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy, is very similar to the attention and care required to maintain the smooth, deep and lustrous shine of your car's exterior. 

Paint, like skin, covers and protects the body of your automobile. It keep's the elements from getting to the metal underneath and causing damage, like rust and corrosion. Paint also adds to the car's aesthetics and when it's well kept, it enhances the appeal and protects the value of your investment.
As with the 4 basic skincare needs that include; cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect, paint-care needs are similar.  The steps include; wash, clay, polish and protect.


 Step 1- Washing  


Washing your vehicle is the first step in the overall appearance maintenance of your vehicle but that's only the beginning of a complete auto appearance regiment. Washing the car is fundamental and it's during this process that all surface dirt is loosened and removed from the exterior of your automobile. Washing your car, prepares the vehicle for the remaining steps in the detailing process. Although a proper and thorough car wash is one of the most basic steps to protect your cars appearance, washing alone is not enough. Further more, improper washing can do more harm than good, therefore using the right tools and techniques are critical during this step.




Don't wash the value of your investment down the drain using improper tools or detailing techniques. Instead, trust the professionals at Gloss Boss Luxury Mobile Detailing to help you protect and maintain, what in many cases may be, your second most expensive asset next to your home...your car.


Our detailing packages are priced competitively and cover all the basics as well as premium services such as minor swirl and scratch removal, claying, headlight restoration, shampooing and more.


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