Issue # 38 | April 28, 2017
This Week's Technology News
This week finds me on a vacation @ Disney World - trying to decompress for a little while, which is not the easiest task for me. I took a little time this week, usually with a cup of morning coffee in the lounge while the wife was sleeping to cover a couple of security challenges we all face in our digital lives, ransomware and adware. These two buggers are not going anywhere - anytime soon and our only true defense against them is awareness, 

I also covered a couple of Windows 10 topics and our App Spotlight returns this week.

Oh and one more thing. From time to time I will post polls to help me see whats most important to you - my dedicated readers. Please take a second to answer this week's question.
The Wrath of Locky - Part 2
 One of the most common types of ransomware, “Locky” all but disappeared late last year. Sadly however this very dangerous cyber threat has reemerged and is worse then ever. Everyone should make themselves aware of this particular cyber threat – because once your data is infected – you may never see it again.

Our Battle with Adware Continues
Over the past couple years, we have focused much attention on Ransomware, and that’s for good reason. However old threats are still here to make our digital lives miserable as well. One of the oldest surviving threats we continue to deal with is adware.

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A Fresh Start with Windows 10
Things can go wrong in the world of computers. Sometimes a operating system (OS) upgrade, like the new Windows Creators Update can go wrong or your PC can get sluggish and start misbehaving over time.

In the past this often meant finding a “tech person” to look at the PC and “format” it. While this may still be necessary from time to time, thanks to Windows 10 and it’s new Fresh Start feature you may be able to improve your relationship with your PC quickly and on your own. Saving yourself time and money.

App Spotlight - Outlook
 Although I gave up on Microsoft’s Windows Phone a couple of years ago I still have plenty of good memories of me and my nifty Windows Phone. In fact if you are in a nostalgic mood you can browse my Windows Phone articles  here.

All is not lost for Microsoft in the smartphone world. Even though I gave into Apple empire for both myself personally and my organization all is not lost. That’s because Microsoft has been publishing apps at an amazing rate during the past two years and many of them are simply top notch.

One of my favorite Microsoft Apps is “Outlook”. Why do I recommend trashing Apple’s default mail app and installing Outlook?

Saving Your Battery w/ Windows 10
Last week Microsoft touted operating system-wide power savings in a recent preview of Windows 10, claiming that the technology will reduce notebook battery consumption by 11% on laptops equipped with the newest processors.

The technology, temporarily tagged as “Power Throttling,” was enabled on all copies of Windows 10 Insider build 16176, which Microsoft released Friday. Insider is the beta program Microsoft runs for both enthusiasts and businesses, which I participate in. Microsoft relies on Insiders to learn how the OS will change for the next feature upgrade, as well as for testing the upgrade prior to deploying the final code when it is shipped several months later.  
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