Issue #  40 | May 12, 2017
This Week in Tech

This week Microsoft looks to kill passwords (I wish them luck), Microsoft's Window Defender is hit with a security flaw, Microsoft releases a Windows 10 Creator's patch, Facebook tries to remove spam from your news feed and we look at how you can clean up your hard drive with Windows 10.

Microsoft Looks to Kill Passwords
Passwords were expected to have died a long time ago, but they have managed to hold on for over two decades, which is very surprising. Thirteen years ago Bill Gates declared that “passwords were passé”. Now Microsoft is introducing a replacement for the outmoded authentication system.

Read the full article to learn how Microsoft wants to move on from passwords.
Windows Defender Hit by Security Flaw
Earlier this week Google Project Zero researchers announced on twitter that they had discovered a “crazy bad” loophole in Microsoft’s built-in Windows anti-malware software package, Windows Defender, that leaves your system susceptible to remote attacks.

Windows 10 Creator's First Patch
Last month Microsoft released the  Creators Update for Windows 10 and although not all users have been offered the updated version of the OS on Windows Update many did manually install the new version of Windows.

So what’s in this scheduled patch?

Read the full article to find out.
Tip! Saving Disk Space with Windows 10
Windows 10 Creator’s Update makes saving disk space easier then ever before. Let’s take a look at how you can reclaim some of that hard drive space on your PC or laptop – perhaps saving you some cash along the way.

How do you manage all those files you don’t need anymore?

Facebook Looks to Clean Your News Feed
  Did you ever click on what you thought was an “interesting link” on Facebook, only to find it takes you to a waste of time ad-filled spam website? Its a terrible sad situation. Facebook says they have a cure for this.

This is good news for all of us if it works. Facebook reports it’s leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to bury those types of links on the News Feed.

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