Issue #  42 | May 26, 2017
This Week in Tech

Qakbot makes it return this week and appears to be not only be targeting the security of regular consumers but has a special appetite for business networks.

Also the terror attack in Manchester highlights the positive power of social media while Apple releases an important security patch for all of their systems.

All of this & much more.
Qakbot Attacks
Another week, another cyber-threat threatens the security of both individuals and business alike. This latest one,  Qakbot has a special emphases on taking down business networks. It is just the latest cyber-threat and you can be sure that there will be many more – even more destructive ones to come. These threats will continue until our behavior changes in respect to how seriously we treat internet services.
Security solutions are incredibly important, however even the best security solution cannot be 100% effective in this ever changing tech world. Cyber-criminals are continually changing their modes of attack and security solutions are often playing catch-up. The way we interact with internet services is the key to not only protecting ourselves – but each other. I touch on some of my recommendations for protecting yourself at the end of this article.
On Tuesday, researchers from  Cylance said that  Qakbot, an information-stealing Trojan and backdoor malware that targets the Microsoft Windows operating system and 64-bit browsers with a a target against business/enterprise users is on the loose.

Read the full article to learn more about Qakbot and how to protect yourself.

Manchester Terror Highlights the Power of Social Media 
Tragedy almost always brings out the best in people. Social media services often get bad press and perhaps this criticism is deserved sometimes. However as we found out during this week's tragic act of terror in Manchester social media often steps up and provides help to those caught in terrible events.

Apple Releases Important Security Updates
Last week Apple released multiple security upgrades yesterday for its iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS systems, addressing dozens of security bugs across its devices. The iOS update fixes  41 security flaws , including some that could potentially allow a remote attacker to execute malicious code on an Apple mobile device.

Facebook Improves Trending Topics
This week Facebook introduced a couple of  changes that make it easier to spot trending topics and the coverage around them. This is good news to me because I find Facebook’s newsfeed incredibly frustrating.

Microsoft Invades Your iPhone
I love my iPhone. However I have been slowly morphing it into a Windows Phone. If you are a long time dedicated reader you surely know that I was a big fan of Microsoft’s much maligned smartphone. I do still hold out hope for Microsoft in the smartphone world but I would not bet much on it. However all of that being said there are quite a few Microsoft apps that can help you get the Microsoft experience you deserve and improve the iPhone experience along the way. Here are a couple of my favorite Microsoft apps.
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