Issue #  43 | June 2, 2017
This Week in Tech

On the heels of the Memorial Day holiday technology news was very light this week while at the same time I was very busy both at work and at home.

I used the slow tech news cycle wisely by posting some ticks & tricks for all of you, my dedicated readers.

Oh and I forgot - we might me living in a parallel universe!

10 Cool iPhone Tips
Apple’s iOS platform has a very simple and intuitive user interface which in many ways explains its popularity.  However the platform continues to grow more and more complex with each passing year. The iPhone is the kind of device that just about anyone can pick up and figure out how to use quickly, and yet it also hides all sorts of cool features and functions that even the most savvy users probably don’t know about.

Fixing Adobe Acrobat in Windows 10
Life is good. Microsoft Edge is your new default web browsing experience on Windows 10, and it offers a new streamlined interface, speed improvements, and a lot of new features, including the ability to open PDF files. However there is where a problem emerges for some of us.

While the PDF reader is a convenient feature, it currently only offers some basic functionalities, and out-of-the-box, Windows 10 makes it your default system PDF reader whether you like it or not.

Keyboard Tricks for Windows
Another quiet week in the tech world gives us some more time for actual technology tips. Lets look at some keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your life easier with Microsoft’s Windows.

Here we cover 8 cool keyboard tricks that will have you working faster & smarter then ever before.

Parallel Universe Might Exist
The idea that we might be living in just one of an infinite number of universes is not a new scientific concept and scientific debate surrounding this possibility has been going on for decades. The idea that we may be living in just one of countless universes has also been a popular narrative in science fiction as well.

Up until recently provable evidence to support this theory has been hard to come by. 

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