Wednesdays,  July 8 through August 26
3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
21010 - 75th Street in Bristol.

Weekly Newsletter for
Wednesday, July 8 , 2015


July 8 through August 26
3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

 Find us on Hwy 50 3/4 Mile West of Hwy 45 

21010 - 75th Street in Bristol

Market & Vendor Information
Fresh summer produce available at WestoshaMarket.
Photo: Ray Forgianni
Market Hours on Wednesday, July 8 are 3:00pm - 7:30pm.
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Grand Opening Report 



Kettle Range Meat Co. Master Butcher Joe Parajecki.
Photo: Kettle Range Meat Co.
Kettle Range Meat Co.
Why settle for less than the best for you and your family? Kettle Range Meat Co. delivers to its customers local, antibiotic and hormone-free pork and beef.   Beef is pasture-raised and available in a variety of cuts including ground, steaks, roasts and more. Also free-range, pork cuts include chops, ribs and uncured bacon. Interested in a bulk purchase? Value packs are available!  They also offer monthly CSA packages, which can be picked up at the Market. Click  here  to learn more about Kettle Range Meat Co. and to see their entire line of meat options.
Two fresh-brewed tea varieties from Caravan Teas.
Photo: Caravan Teas
Caravan Teas
Stop by Caravan Teas to discover your new favorite tea! Caravan Teas sells responsibly-source loose leaf tea in 12 varieties.  Most teas are sold in 2 oz. packs. Customers have the opportunity to experience the sensory appeal of a different featured tea each week.  To learn more about Caravan Teas, click here to visit their website.
Freshly-popped Kettlecorn ready for your enjoyment at Sky Mountain Kettlecorn.
Photo: Sky Mountain Kettlecorn
Sky Mountain Kettlecorn
Just follow the aroma to Sky Mountain Kettlecorn! Since it's popped on-site, you are guaranteed the freshest, best-tasting kettlecorn possible. Available in seven flavors, Sky Mountain Kettlecorn will keep you coming back for more. Stop by and chat with the owner-operators of Sky Mountain Kettlecorn this Wednesday!
Bill Robbins entertaining patrons at HarborMarket.
Photo: Ray Forgianni
Musical Talent
Bill Robbins
Welcome local musician Bill Robbins to WestoshaMarket. Bill will relax your workday cares away with mellow tunes on the guitar. Go ahead and make a request!
A quiet WestoshaMarket before welcoming almost 1000 customers on July 4th.
Photo: Ray Forgianni
Grand Opening Success
By Melanie Hovey
WOW! What a grand, Grand Opening we had at WestoshaMarket on July 4th! Nearly 1000 people stopped by, and every vendor was happy with their sales. Some even sold out. The Marketeers, (our merry band of Board members and other helpers,) did an amazing job of getting everyone safely in and out and counted throughout the day. What a team I work with! Hope to see all of you on Wednesdays thru the end of August!