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December 2011
Dr. Edward Wagner DC
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Prepare your schedule when your day first starts to have the greatest rate of productivity possible. Here are some suggestions to train your body to be at its most optimal rate for breakfast.
Need other suggestions or just need to get control of your stress levels?  Let us help you!

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What are the best
choices for breakfast? 

Since 70% of the population is overweight, it is key to have a breakfast that activates the metabolism, supplies all nutrients, has a lot of fiber, and cleanses at the same time. The following are examples that I have found work well and that I adhere to:


Most of the time, especially on work days, I have the following health drink about � to 1 hour after having organic tea upon rising:


           12 oz. unsweetened almond milk

            4 oz. coconut water

            2 scoops of a professional grade high

               quality protein powder

            1 scoop of a concentrated herbal food

            1 packet each of 2 different regenerative

               highly concentrated herbal compounds

            1 tsp. of a vegetarian EFA - Omega oil


If I'm not at home, possibly in a hotel, I have one of the following:


            English breakfast tea

            Medium rare New York Steak           

            Cottage Cheese

            1 slice of sour dough Toast


If I am at a buffet I will have yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh berries with some form of a fiber sprinkled over it, possibly tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, and some cream cheese on a health high fiber cracker or sour dough toast. I am not allergic to gluten, so that is OK. For those intolerant to gluten, you will have to avoid the bread unless they have an alternative.


For those not allergic to eggs, poached eggs, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella can replace the steak. The key is not to have juice, too much sugar, avoid the high carbohydrate foods like French toast and pancakes, cereals and hash browns.


I hope this helps you on formulating how to start a day. If you are interested in my formula, call Sandra at my office and she will get you these items or make an appointment with me, in house or on the phone and I will go over a plan for you.



Remember, what you consistently do now it shows its impact much later in life. Stay well by being smart and preparing for the future.