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October 2011

What Are The 6 Worst Breakfasts?



Dr. Edward Wagner DC

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What Are The 6 Worst Breakfasts?


1. Bacon, Ham and Sausage

2. Hash browns with anything

3. Omelettes

4. French Toast

5. Muffins or pastries

6. Oatmeal


Breakfast is the key to starting the engine in the morning. It will set the momentum for the day.   In the morning the body is dehydrated, sluggish, the lowest time for the thyroid and has a need to eliminate. It needs the initial igniting of the spark plug.


The foods above shut down the body making it like an old junk yard instead of a high powered electrical generating plant.


Bacon and Ham are pork cured meats. Eating them will turn your cells into pig. Their protein doesn't become you. They enter your cells, clog them up and you become a pig. This makes the person so tired they need 3 cups of coffee to get going. Basically pork is the main cause of disease and cured pork is the number one, especially for diabetes, high blood pressure, appendicitis, clogged arteries and obesity.


Potatoes are horrible, but hash browns are insane. Imagine this white starch, bleached and chemicalized, salted and then fried. It is a fat generating fuel, arthritis creating poison, a total inflammatory creating agent. Except for the pig, the potato, especially a salted and oily one must rank #2 in being the worst thing you can eat.


For many, eggs (especially omelettes) are one of the fastest ways to create depression for the day. This is even worse with omelettes because when the yolk is cooked, the negative effect is so much greater. Egg white albumin protein is very difficult to digest and for many will cause chronic fatigue. For those that get colds, asthma, bronchitis, or depression, eggs are out of the question. All bird products carry the germs which lead to colds and influenza. Many can eat eggs, but they should be tested.


French toast has to rank up there with the worst foods. Basically it consists of soft white bread soaked in flu producing eggs, and then drenched in artificially flavored corn syrups, or if you are lucky real maple syrup. I can't think of a faster way to develop fatigue, diabetes, a fat belly, or the flu.


Muffins and pastries are pure carbohydrates, with no value except to get fat and have hypoglycemia a few hours later.   They create constipation and if they are made with vegetable oils instead of butter, then they will lead to degenerative disease.


Oatmeal is the food that everyone feels is a healthy meal. If you want to go into a coma after breakfast, eat oatmeal. Rolled oats creates a gum in the body, mucous develops and the body will become thick. If you are going to eat oats, have steel cut oats.


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