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Will they actually meet? Perhaps neither Kim nor Donald know the answer but I know for sure that around that time BBLA will meet with representatives of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs for our biannual meeting .

Jan Papanek and the American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees

By Martin Nekola | Thousands of Czech and Slovak democrats left Czechoslovakia after the Communist seizure of power in February 1948. Their first steps into the "free world" brought these people to displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria and...

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Friday, June 8, 7:00 pm
White Dress Dance Party

Our popular dance party – Latin, Swing, Hustle and Ballroom music by Express band. Food buffet, wine bar and dance show.
Saturday, June 9, 3:00 pm
Aja Vrzanova-Steindler

An inspirational afternoon celebrating the twice World Champion ice skater Aja Vrzanova-Steindler. Documentary films, music by Scott Gordon.
Wednesday, June 13, 6:30 pm
Slovakia: The Legend of the Linden

A night of spoken word and brilliant music. Presentation of "Slovakia: The Legend of the Linden," a book by Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova .  
Wednesday, June 20, 7:00 pm
100 Years of Czech and Slovak Literature
An evening with Christopher Harwood and Charles Sabatos. They will present highlights of the past century of Czech and Slovak literature. The talk will be accompanied by readings in English from six literary works—three Slovak and three Czech.

So Far, So Good: The Masín Family and the Greatest Story ...

This is the true story of three young Czech men whose daring exploits of anti-Communist resistance and 1953 flight to West Berlin set off the largest manhunt in the history of the Eastern Bloc. To this day, whether the Mašín brothers were heroes...

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Audio Saterial from Communist Era Slansky Show Trial

Czech Radio has managed to save material from recently discovered audio reels of one of the Czechoslovak Communist era's biggest show trials - that of top party leader Rudolf Slánský and 13 co-accused. The salvaged sound has now been made public.

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J. R. Pick and a brilliant novel of the Holocaust

"Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" is a remarkable book by many standards. It is a comic novel set in the wartime Jewish ghetto in Terezín, written by the Czech satirist Jiří Robert Pick some twenty years after he survived the ghetto.

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Ivan Kral - a Czech rock icon reflects on his life and...

Ivan Kral is perhaps the only Czech to have left his mark on the history of rock music. He was in an early incarnation of Blondie, worked with the great Patti Smith for a number of years and played guitar with Iggy Pop. His songs have been...

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Philip Roth's crusade to help Czechoslovak dissident...

Towering Jewish-American author Philip Roth has died at the age of 85. And while most of the tributes will rightly focus on his many prize winning works over 60 years, there was another aspect to his life as well: the timely help he gave to...

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100th Years of 'Pittsburgh Agreement' Leading to Statehood

One hundred years ago this autumn, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk stood atop the stairs of Independence Hall in Philadelphia - where both the American Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were adopted - to proclaim the creation of a new...

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Rebirth of Europe Conference | June 1-2

Join us at the Embassy of Slovakia for the Rebirth of Europe Conference where presentations will be held to celebrate creation of new national states in Europe. Discuss political and logistical challenges associated with a new state creation...

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to seeing you at our events.
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