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February 6, 2013



"Watch your thoughts for they become words,
watch your words for they become actions,
watch your actions for they become habits,
watch your habits for they become your character,
watch your character for it becomes your destiny."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-



Everything begins with a thought. What are you thinking? And how do those thoughts influence who you are and what you do or don't do? 


I often speak about the power of affirmations. Reciting positive statements can counter so many of the negative messages we tell ourselves every day. Stress-reducing affirmations remind us of what we know to be true, despite what others may say or when our own ego plants that seed of doubt. They help us choose our thoughts wisely.


To make your affirmations most effective:

  • Keep them brief, positive and in the present. 
  • Write them down and post them where you can see them every day, like your bathroom mirror, car dashboard and desk.
  • Say them to yourself, out loud and, when appropriate, to others.


Imagine if you could choose one unique, empowering thought each day. A thought that you could create an affirmation around and use it as a tool to help you be your best.


That's the intention of the new book, The 28-Day Thought Diet. In it, a diverse group of authors share brief chapters book based on a specific thought, such as self-confidence, a peaceful home, forgiveness, resilience, persistence and receiving gracefully. Their reflections are often personal and profound.


Your simple affirmation might be: I am resilient or I love my peaceful home. 


I love to remind people how wise they are! (That's one of my affirmations.) In my chapter on choosing a thought of wisdom, I share how meditation, trusting your intuition, and gaining insights through your dreams can help you tap into that wisdom. After all, you don't have to know all the answers; you just need to know where to look. And often the place to look is inside. 


So, what are you thinking?  Let me know on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom, 



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The Super Bowl, Beyonce and the Power of  Vision Boards
I think there is one main reason why most smart people don't use vision boards to help manifest their desires. It just seems too easy for it to work. 
After all, how could posting words and images of what we want--from a healthy body or new car to a wildly rewarding career or blissful marriage--help make it come true? Vision boards work on many levels...


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Join Me for a "CRAVE Your Goals!" Program

CRAVE logoIf you're in the Atlanta area, join me for a "CRAVE Your Goals!' talk at the Sandy Springs/Perimeter Chamber Women's Business Network luncheon on Tuesday, February 12.
My other public talks this year include a "CRAVE Your Goals!" morning workshop at the Kennesaw State University Executive MBA Alumni Speaker Series in March, the Cobb Executive Women luncheon in August and the Turknett Women in Leadership Series in September.


Working with Wisdom Events

Introducing...Wisdom on Demand!

Working with Wisdom Reflective Sign One of my goals for 2013 is to create a series of on-
demand, on-line webinars and classes to reinforce my message and further support your success, at your convenience. 
The first in this series, the "CRAVE Your Goals!" recorded, one-hour webinar, is now available. 
One participant commented, "Great takeaways, especially the gratitude journal. I plan on implementing that into my nightly routine with the first entry being grateful for taking the time out of my busy day to absorb reinvigorating fruits you provided." 
Use the promo code wisdom20 to receive 20% off the $19 price. At the store, you'll also find Working with Wisdom as a book, ebook and audio book, along with the CRAVE Your Goals! and DESIGN Your Ideal Life! ebooks.


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Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia Molloy
Tricia Molloy is a motivational speaker on change management and leadership through wise business practices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, "CRAVE Your Goals!" and "DESIGN Your Ideal Life!," inspire people to be more positive, proactive and productive so they can achieve their priority goals faster and easier.
They are available as employee development talks, workshops and webinars, and conference keynotes. Join organizations like Kimberly-Clark, IBM, The Home Depot and the Project Management Institute and benefit from these innovative programs.   
Tricia also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring for women entrepreneurs and professionals.


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