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In a recent FPT article,
The $75.00 Travel Mug and a New Competitor, we talked about Starbucks marketing.  
In the article is a short video on
the most expensive
Starbucks drink to date...$47.30!  
This is pretty funny! 

confess. Even though I don't care for Starbucks coffee, I have Gold status and the Starbucks App.

That gives me some perks and keeps me coming back to earn "stars".
It reminds of this hilarious Seinfeld episode with Elaine and her sub card, that is also in the Starbucks article..

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Each year we close the books on the previous years sales and start fresh.
The past year was good for me and I look forward with anticipation to 2014

When I was pondering the Anticipation concept, I went back to one of the education sessions I shared around the country.
The material in this session was based on a quote from Henry John Heinz that we all can benefit from. I share the basic premise in this issues featured article, What Can We Learn from Ketchup?  For those familiar with Heinz Ketchup, you know it's thick and when it comes out of a bottle, it comes out slowly. Some may remember the classic Heinz commercial to the tune of the Carly Simon song...Anticipation
There is anticipation for a new sales generating tool we will be announcing soon. The suppliers and distributors who have seen it, LOVE it. Watch for details.
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We did this at the ASI Show in Orlando and the winner of a kindle Fire HD was Trina Ord from Profitable Promos.
I look forward to seeing many of you at the Expo in Las Vegas.
Make it a great day!   


Jeff Solomon, MAS

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What Can We Learn from Ketchup?



At the risk of dating myself, when I think of the word anticipation, my thoughts drift toward the classic Heinz Ketchup commercial. This commercial with a Carly Simon song as a music backdrop, speaks to the anticipation of thick, rich, Heinz Ketchup as it slowly drips from the bottle.  



 Click here for the rest of the article!

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