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April 23, 2013 

I am urging our state leaders to pay special attention to the New Orleans' area Mississippi river ferries during the current legislative session. Unless a legislative change is enacted, funding for the ferries will cease in June 2013.

The ferries have been an important part of our city and our region's public transportation system, connecting the East Bank and West Bank since 1827. With the ability to serve vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, the ferries offer the only alternative to Crescent City Connection Bridge. As a result, the ferries help alleviate traffic on the bridge and parking issues Downtown.

There are smart ways we can work to improve our ferry system by improving the quality of our infrastructure and concentrating on capital and operating expenses, but there is not a lot of time. In addition to encouraging our state legislators and officials to attend to this, I am urging you to get involved!

To learn more about the current state and future of the ferries, what bills are currently in the legislature to protect the ferries, and what you can do, visit:

Ride New Orleans Save Our Ferries
Save Our Ferries

Ride New Orleans



Friends of the Ferry Save Our Ferries
Friends of the Ferry


Also, check out the following story from WWL-TV:

Riders Wonder If This Is The Last FQ Fest With Ferries 






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