What Color Is Your Message?
Bringing out the subtle shades of your business' message is important to your success, as I explain in my talk titled: "What Color is YOUR Message? 

"Your success makes you blind to new ways of thinking." 
- Michael Gerber

Remember Blockbuster? What would have happened if they had remained innovative and do what Netflix has been able to do.  Netflix started with only 20 employees and today is worth over $40 billion!

Technology is anything invented after you were born.

I help my clients discover how to understand and use technology on a daily basis. Having worked  with over 150 CEO's businesses, there are many success stories on what to do and what not to do to accelerate your business and its message.

We create learning libraries and resources for our customers to get found on Google. Because of the emerging need for social media in every business, we offer social media plans and training.  With LinkedIn becoming more and more popular, I have a 6 hour training course and workbook designed for corporate leaders and salespeople.

If you are interested, let's talk - just write me at lisa@goglossy.com 

Lisa Caprelli, CEO / Business Development Strategist 
Caprelli Enterprises 

Founder of Go Glossy Public Relations, Media and Marketing, Lisa Caprelli is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling bookColor Your Messageand founder of the nonprofit Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide.  Lisa enjoys speaking to diverse audiences to bridge the gap of communication that technology and social media offers.  Coined as the "marketing rainmaker," she teaches seasoned business leaders how to execute visions with strategy to achieve incredible success and avoid becoming a business dinosaur. She begins with discovering the organization's "Why" to improve motivation, communication, and profitability with laser-focused purpose. 
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