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What Consumes You?

Recently, I find myself constantly consumed by the news. I listen to news radio as I drive to work, watch cable news when I get home, and I hold conversations about the nightly news with people the next day. I find these daily news-making events in politics, sports, entertainment, weather, and current affairs captivating and chaotic. It seems as if every occurrence creates a situation that requires my utmost attention. Now-a-days, even small local new stories become a social media sensation. But I believe I'm not the only one consumed by the chaos. Maybe you are too. 

For the past few months, most of us have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Not only are we absorbed with our careers, school, marriage, children, finances, church, and other personal matters; now we have world events and wars to consider. In only a few weeks we experienced the delight of the solar eclipse and then the destruction of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. We gazed in disbelief at flooded neighborhoods, ravaged cities and decimated countries. We are captivated by sights that are very impressive, have the greatest impact or do the most damage. It is easy to become consumed by confusion. Yet despite global chaos the good character of humanity always shines through. 

Being consumed by confusion is not just a modern challenge. It must have been hard for Moses not to notice a bush that was ablaze , but not burning (Ex. 3). Now that's confusing! Moses was preoccupied with the fire. It was the glowing light, warmth, and brightness of the fire, that attracted him to the bush. Moses was consumed by the impressive sight, but once he got closer, he noticed the bush was not consumed by fire. Instead, the bush was consumed by the presence of God.

Maybe this is how you and I are at church sometimes. We become consumed by the music, the members, the ministries, or even the building when we feel it is very impressive, has the greatest impact, or may even do the most damage. We focus on the wrong things in our worship services. We put more focus on the sound of singing than saving souls for our Savior. To minimize distractions that become part of the chaos, our worship must be anchored to God's Holy Word. When we are consumed by the Word of God, we can find calm even in confusion. So, what consumes you?

The Consumed Worship Conference: Worship in the Word, held November 1-4, at Sligo SDA Church Takoma Park, MD is the first-ever worship conference sponsored by the North American Division, Potomac Conference (Cultivate Initiative), and Washington Adventist University. The Consumed Worship Conference is for everyone and will create a unique forum to learn proven worship principles from a panel of international experts who are pastors, musicians, and world renown artists. Speakers will include, but are not limited to: Adriana Perera, Alex Bryan, Dr. Cedric Dent, Dr. Wayne Bucknor, and Nicholas Zork.  At Consumed, you will learn techniques on pastoral worship leadership, choral conducting, vocal coaching, music evangelism, prayer as praise, cross-cultural worship, worship diversity, spiritual preparation for worship leaders and so much more!. 

The event will end with a community concert by worship leader, Aaron Shust. To register, go to our website at: This conference will be a worship experience that could change your life! Join us and become consumed by Christ. 

So, what consumes you?

Pastor Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
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Events and Info

Come and check out your Sligo Church tent and booth at the 2017 Takoma Park Street Festival this Sunday from 10a-5p. Many of your fellow members from the Health Action Team will be volunteering to take free blood pressure checks and caring for our community. Come and show your support!

An amazing conference and resource will be coming to Sligo Church from Nov 1st - Nov 4th. Consumed Worship Conference will bring some of the best and brightest in Worship to Sligo Church for education and application. Each evening attendees will get a chance to apply what they've learned in special worship services. Go to the website to get all the details on registration and everything else Consumed has to offer. Don't forget Aaron Shust in concert, on Saturday November 4th at 6:30pm. 

We want each and every member to be a part of a new community building and communications tool. 

Sligo Connect will offer each person a chance to be more connected to their ministries, have a place to know that their information in the church is current and available to leadership, and offer a resource to track and print their giving and volunteering on a secure and easily learned method. Register today and make sure you and your family's information is correct. You can even update your own photo to make sure your face is among the beautiful sea of faces Sligo's diverse membership has. 


The Annual Sligo 5K Walk-a-thon kicks off again Sabbath, Oct 14th from 3-5pm to benefit Action in Montgomery. Help raise funds for Child First Montgomery & "Leave a Learning Legacy"
Mark your calendars!

Registration is open for all children ages 3.5-9 years of age for this year's Adventurer Club! You can register online by clicking here.
All children are invited to join whether or not they are from Sligo Church. For more information, please contact Gabby Barrington @ 

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