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Safety, compliance and social responsibility aren't new, but they are the new normal. Companies today are more interested than ever in product quality and product safety when considering promotional merchandise. As a result, distributors are faced with a daunting task. They must provide compliant products as expected by their clients, which in turn provides a reliably safe impression of their clients' brand for consumers. 

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This is Shocking...Really!

What Do Liberty Balls Represent? is perhaps the most shocking story I've ever covered. 

You need to read this and consider how product safety regulations affect you. This issue has been talked about for some time, but many don't understand the impact these regulations have on our industry. 
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Welcome to the Jungle! 

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Rod Brown
Rod Brown,
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In addition to serving on the PPAI Board of Directors and being involved in other business organizations, Rod recently returned from a trip to Africa. He also builds houses in Mexico with group each year. 

How Rod runs his very successful business enables him to do extraordinary things away from his business. In this unique SuccessTracks session, Rod will share about his experiences and give you some insight into business philosophy's that have enabled him to succeed, while having a positive impact in areas where there is great need.

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What Do Liberty Balls Represent? 

 This column is perhaps one of the most frightening topics I have ever covered. It threatens our livelihoods and puts a bright spotlight on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act - CPSIA.

Don't get me wrong...Increasing awareness for product safety and CPSIA regulations is a good thing. Our industry needs to better understand what it takes to be in compliance with these regulations. But this story is outright scary. I cover it here to make people aware of the ramifications this could have for our industry.


 Click here for the rest of the article!

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