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It's 2013...Do You Have A Yellow Page Ad?


Times have certainly changed. What used to be an advertising staple, is now obsolete.



I'm referring to the Yellow Pages which used to be a tool that most of us used. It seemed like you had to be in the book. I always cringed at the cost. Should I pay extra for color? How many books should I be in? How many categories do I want to pay for? Screen Printing, Embroidery, Advertising Specialties, Marketing Companies? What do I want to convey in this ad that I'll be charged for every month for a year? 
Even back then, our company was doing creative things with our marketing. This did help us stand out from our competitors who were focused in just selling stuff. What we did enabled us to earn a PPAI Pyramid Award and the ASI Spirit Award. And just to be clear, we were in the Yellow Pages, but with small ads. We trusted our Marketing Tool Box
In the article, How Does Your Yellow Page Ad Look? I talk about my friend who walked away from making a bunch of money as one of the top ad sellers in the state of California to do missions work. Some of the elements that made up our award-winning Marketing Tool Box are shared. We trust you will enjoy it. 


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How Does Your Yellow Page Ad Look? 
Yellow Pages  
 Recently, I've had some yellow page directories drop onto my driveway in a plastic bag. Years ago, I used to look forward to seeing these and checking out what my competitors were doing. 
Now, the book goes immediately into the recycle container. Yellow Pages, which started as literally, the yellow pages in the back of the phone book, used to be a key form of advertising. You had to be there. Now the book amazingly continues to be printed in a variety of small formats. The display ads are primarily bail bonds companies, plumbers, along with criminal and ambulance chaser attorneys.