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January, 2015

What started out as a holiday and speaking to a few like-minded groups has turned into an International uproar.

Last year, I planned a trip to Australia and was asked to speak to interested parents about problems associated with vaccines. 

On Saturday morning, January 4, I noticed my Twitter alerts were going crazy! What's going on? I looked and found this article published in the Daily Telegraph. Apparently, the Pro-Vaccine lobby had discovered the speaking venues set up by Stephanie Messenger. 

They were not happy. 

Suddenly, major media outlets in Australia and around the world were on fire. The Public Health Department does not want the People to hear what I have to say. They don't want them to know vaccine information that is outside the Official Dogma about vaccines.

Here are a few of MANY articles that have poured out over the last 5 days:

Under the pressure, the hotels and dinner venues that Stephanie Messenger had spent months organizing began to cancel.

Online campaigns and local physicians started to petition the government to revoke my travel visa, saying, 

"The government should not allow someone of such poor character into Australia to spread fear, paranoia and misinformation."

This is an interesting premise, since they have not heard what I have to say and 
obviously they 
have never done a bit of their own research to investigate problems associated with vaccines.

What am I going to do?
Several journalists have ask if I was going to reconsider 'my message' and change what I say about vaccines. 
I said, 

"No. Just because a lion roars doesn't mean you leave the savannah. I'm doing this for the next generation of children...we need as many healthy, uncontaminated children as possible on the planet." 

Upcoming Media:
Mon Jan 12: WHDT World News TV - 12:00p-1:00pEST - on YouTube after the show 
Mon Jan 12: Richie Allen Show  - 4:15pEST/9:15pmGMT - on YouTube after show
Mon Jan 12: Know Your Rights   - 9:00pEST - every week with Dr Sherri Tenpenny & Alan Phillips
Wed Jan 21: Coast to Coast AM - 10pPST 

What can you do?
Join in the conversation on Facebook. 

Support freedom of speech in Australia. 

Support those who want to invite me into the Country to talk about the problems with vaccines - the rest of the story - that most people never get to hear. 

Let people around the world know the restriction of free speech that's happening in Australia. 

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