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What Happens in Vegas...
SHOULDN'T Stay in Vegas!
Expo Week in Las Vegas was amazing! This year was special for me.

Good friends, Barbara DailFran Ford and Paul Kiewiet were honored at the Chairman's Dinner. That was an awesome evening!

Tuesday night FreePromoTips.com received an award for our website. 
It's a blessing that all the things we do for the industry, suppliers and distributors has been honored through these awards.

Our inaugural FreePromoTips SuccessFit event raised a bunch of money for the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and was a big hit.  In our next newsletter we will cover more on SuccessFit.  

This issue features video reports from the Expo, including my interview with Shark Tank's Daymond John. We also feature some short, informative product videos. More product videos will featured be in our next issue.

Check out my written commentary on January 10th - 17th. What a week it was! 

Make it a great day!


Jeff Solomon, MAS

What a Week!

You don't realize the impact  of some things until you have a few days to reflect on what happened. I've been to many PPAI Expo weeks, but this one was like no other. 

In this commentary I'm sharing a few of my video reports that offer some insight on what went on in Vegas. 

Video Highlights from the 2015 PPAI Expo! 


Industry Update from Paul Bellantone...

Expo Week Starts with Volunteer Day...

We Interview Shark Tank's Daymond John...

Education Day Was a Hit!  As Usual...  

Jill From Across the Pond 
Never Attended the Expo Shares... 

All the PPAI Expo Video Reporting Has Been Brought to You by These Great Companies:

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