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From the PPAI Expo...
(With a Special Group Hug!) 
(And a Zoint Too! Sorry Megan!) 
The Starbucks Line...
(We Made Some People Happy!)
Featuring: SnugZ USA, Hirsch, Quikey,LarLu and Magna-Tel!
Featuring: Starline, Evans, POP Promos, Crystal D and Soundine! 
 (See Who Looks Great at 62!)
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This issue is going out as I have had some time to recover from the PPAI Expo. It was an amazing week!
Like many of you, I came back just a bit toasted. The Expo is grueling, but exhilarating at the same time. 
Now I proclaim that I am recovered and all fired up about 2014!
At this years Expo we partnered with our friends from Fields Manufacturing who provided pedometers to anyone who asked and Newton Manufacturing to do a "I walked 500 Miles" contest. Of course no one walked 500 miles...but we all walked a lot! The winners of the contest are shown below.  
Our featured article "What Happens in Vegas SHOULDN'T Stay in Vegas", I touch on something that is sometimes overlooked in trade show reporting: What's REALLY important at these events? We also include video coverage of Expo Week from the Starbucks line to the PromoKitchen party. Enjoy!
We will be announcing an exciting new FreePromoTips benefit soon. The suppliers and distributors who have seen it, LOVE it. Details are coming!
Make it a great day!   


Jeff Solomon, MAS

I Walked 500 Miles...Winners! 
Congratulations to all those who participated in
our "
I Walked 500 Miles Contest" at the PPAI Expo!
$25 Pedometer Contest Winners: 
Wendy IwasakiMarianne BardsleyAnn Dutton 
Ron BreachMartin Shupack, David Hawes,
Terry BecnelLauri Laufman and Walter Kurt

(Walter Kurt was moving at the Expo!) 
David Hawes, Brand Architect with Geiger,  walked 19.12 miles in two days, and was awarded
a Kindle Fire HD. Congratulations David!
Check Out Our GP2 Section!
What Happens in Vegas
SHOULDN'T Stay in Vegas!

The PPAI Expo is clearly the most significant event in our industry. Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is taken over with two huge floors of supplier booths, top-notch education, and incredible keynote presentations. 


There is a Brand section showcasing incentives, a New Products Pavilion, a Decorate area, and a variety of social events.


As valuable as all that is, many Expo attendees will attest that one of the most significant benefits of attending the Expo has nothing to do with the actual event. I'm referring to the personal interactions that are developed through industry involvement...and what we learn through those relationships.

What happens in Vegas...shouldn't stay in Vegas. All the benefits of attending the PPAI Expo should be shared with our colleagues who didn't come, so they can benefit by attending next year. And even before that, we have Expo East coming up!

 Click here for the rest of the article!