What I learned about UBER and More from the ASI Show...
Change is good, even for an old guy like me. Last week at the ASI Show in Chicago, I had an eye opening experience regarding  UBER. It was another real world experience where the lesson made me think about our industry.  

Not being a seasoned traveler, I had never used UBER, but I know it's all the rage with my friends who do travel. As I looked ahead to my trip to  The ASI Show, my plan was to use UBER. I knew I needed to get back and forth between the Virgin Hotel where  commosku's skucon event was being held and the  McCormick Place Convention Center. Plus, I needed to get from O'Hare Airport to my hotel.  

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SuccessFit4Life! is Changing Lives!
Industry Icon Cliff Quicksell on His Wellness Journey:
"It Was Time." Is it Your Time?

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SuccessFit4Life! is moving in some very exciting directions. We now are raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital through SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS. If you have a moment, check out the St. Jude page on our website and Mason's story St. Jude

SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS are simple and will open the door to SuccessFit4Life! Wellness Programs. These EVENTS are a "mixer" with a fund raising component benefitting worthy causes. Fund raising is driven by branded product goodie bags featuring sponsors logos.  This creates sales opportunities for distributors and suppliers. 

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How Do You Currently Drive New Leads to Your Door?

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(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)

This is a highly-anticipated time of year here at Maple Ridge Farms, the time when months of planning and work come together and our new gifts are ready to be announced.  Every year, we load our website and catalogs with new products, and this year is no exception.  We've got new packaging options, new food options, new imprint color options, and more!

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Don't Miss the Signs: Expand Your Business With Visual Displays!

This session was presented by  Kevin Walsh from 
Showdown Displays at the ASI Show in Chicago.
It was a hit as shown in this short post session video:
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