Dear YWCA Toronto Supporter,
What Makes A City World-Class? 
We often talk about Toronto as being a world-class city, and there are many examples of this. One is that United Way Toronto and York Region raises more money than any other United Way in North America. This says that as Torontonians, we understand the need for a poverty reduction strategy and 
we are willing to commit money.
Toronto City Councillors begin voting on the 2017 Budget next week - let's push them to follow our lead.
At present, Budget 2017 fails to make real progress on City Council's commitment to reduce poverty in Toronto. It makes large increases to user fees for public sector services used primarily by women and families; and it includes service cuts that will hurt women living below the poverty line.

Take action and send a message to your City Councillor: Toronto Can Do Better .  The women we work with tell us they need child care subsidies, shelter and supportive housing spaces, affordable rent and good jobs with livable incomes. These investments in our communities help make Toronto better for everyone.

Send this email to 10+ of your family member, friends, networks and organizations in Toronto, and ask them to join the Toronto Can Do Better campaign. Use Facebook and Twitter to boost the signal. 
A world-class  city must take action on poverty reduction.


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