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What's Available?
September 15 th  is a big day for Rhode Island fishermen as Fluke and Black Sea Bass seasons open.  Vessels will be allowed only 50 lbs catch per day.  We're looking forward to fish from areas such as Block Island and Noman's Island, Rhode Island.  We're also bringing in Fluke from New Jersey and Black Sea Bass from Massachusetts.  Fresh dirty Squid has been an issue as fishermen searching from Long Island to Nantucket are experiencing very poor catch.  Speak with your sales agent for all updates and remember the incredible quality of Lauren Bay cleaned Squid Tubes, Tentacles and Rings.  Hopefully the changing water temperature will turn around Squid catch as it sometimes does. 
Wild Striped Bass are currently migrating and availability is day to day, however, we always bring in the nicest hook and line caught fish.  As Florida fishermen were blown in from Hurricane Irma, they are now heading back out again for American Red Snapper.  There may be a shortage as we expect our next shipment to arrive later this week.  Speak with your sales agent to stay updated so you can enjoy our variety of imported Snapper.  The beginning of fall is the best time for New England fish such as Cod,  Haddock and Pollock as the season catch increases.  These are excellent menu items.  Scallop lovers can enjoy big U/10 sized Scallops also caught off the New England coast as they are more plentiful than U/12's.  The Grand Banks Swordfish season is still underway and we're expecting a shipment of big fish this week. You can also enjoy Jumbo Porgies, Monkfish, Skate along with Albacore and Yellowfin caught off the NJ coast in Hudson's Canyon.
Speaking of Tuna, Tuna imports to the US have been down the past few weeks as poor weather in the Indian Ocean and a religious holiday in Asia have limited fishermen from going out to see.  Now, as the weather is improving and the holiday has concluded, fishermen are back at it and we expect imports to increase.  Get ready for some beautiful Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna.  Prepare for Wild Salmon season to close as it's coming to an end for King Salmon, we do expect shipments to begin tapering off late this month.  For now, we are still bringing in sustainable troll caught Wild Alaska Coho Salmon of great quality.

Belon Oyster Season Is Here! 
The Belon Oyster from Maine is one of the most sought-after wild Oysters around - and the season for them is here! Belon Oysters, also known as European Flats, are known for their highly unique and distinct flavor. They're considered to be more flavorful than just about any other Oyster. While it's recommended to try it on its own, some connoisseurs suggest a pinch of black pepper or a small squeeze of lemon - just enough to add some kick, but not so much that it becomes overpowered. These Oysters have a small muscle with really big meat, and they arrive in our facility the end of next week! This product is for special order only, so please reach out to your Samuels agent for more information about the Belon Oyster's availability. Shuck on!

Local Fish Of The Week: Bluefish
We'd like to spotlight the ferocious Bluefish coming from Little Compton, RI in the Rhode Island Sound. The cannibalistic fish is mighty and known for its renowned fun as a game fish. The Bluefish is very aggressive, but it also tastes amazing. The meat is dark and has a very pronounced flavor with a moderate oil content. The texture is flaked and very smooth. If you're a fan of Tuna, Swordfish, or Striped Bass, you'll love cooking with Bluefish. Bake it, broil it, grill it, or smoke it - the possibilities are endless! Now is a great time of year for the Bluefish catch, especially when fillets are well under $10.00/lb. We carry the local Bluefish here at Samuels and Son Seafood, so ask your sales rep for more information about this awesome fish. 

Nordic Wolffish Makes A Splash at Samuels
The Nordic Wolffish is a pretty scary looking thing but it's perfect for frying or grilling! It kind of looks like an eel with a really big head. Wolffish has delicious, firm flesh similar to Monkfish. Because the Wolffish lives on shellfish, the meat can also have a flavor reminiscent of shrimp. This fish holds up really great in a fish stew, and it's especially great when fried as cutlets. Our Wolffish are caught in Fishing Area 27, just south of Iceland on the fishing vessel Fönix BA-123. It is available as a whole fish, or boneless and skinless loins. We absolutely love this evil looking fish, and we know you're going to love how it tastes - reach out and ask us for more information about the Nordic Wolffish!

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