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MARCH 2017
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A cancer-survivor client was in recently for her lymphedema therapy and remarked during her session that stress was a main contributor in getting her cancer.  While most of us acknowledge that stress affects us, can it really cause major health issues, or at least contribute to them?  Let's take a look at what science tells us.

Have you ever experienced a stomach ache right before giving an important presentation?  Or felt your heart racing during a sudden fright in a scary movie?  Or sweaty palms in a nervous first date?  These are all autonomic reactions in our bodies to stress, and are physical responses that are hard to ignore.  But what about longer-term chronic stress that's not so easily detected?

According to the American Psychological Association, when you're under chronic stress, your body's natural alarm system - the "fight or flight" response - can be stuck in the ON position.  "The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to concentrate or irritable for no good reason, for example."  There are numerous studies that point to this emotional impact that stress has on us.  But are there similar studies on the physical impact chronic stress has?

The client mentioned above isn't the only person who just "felt" that high stress levels contributed to their physical health problems.  Science validates this feeling.  In 2010, the University of Copenhagen published an article in Science Daily on how stress can control our health at even a genetic level. Researchers found "stress can arise at the cellular level after exposure to pollution, tobacco smoke, bacterial toxins etc, where stressed cells have to react to survive and maintain their normal function. In worst case scenario, cellular stress can lead to development of disease."
We often can't control what stress is in our lives, but we can certainly take steps to mitigate its effects on us.  We've written before about the science behind the benefits of massage therapy, but it's not the only means of reducing the effects of stress.  Mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and aromatherapy are just a few others.  Massage just happens to be a very enjoyable way of taking care of yourself!

Those that experience chronic pain can likely attest to the chronic stress it causes.  Just as important as those occasional twinges of unexpected pain that get our attention, we should take note of our bodies and what they tell us.  If you find any physical signs of chronic stress, take it seriously enough to make changes. 

We have some great specials this month to encourage you, including a new session from Jeanette Keyso called The Rockaway Method.  Check these out below, along with MTC Team updates, and more ABCs of skin care.  We hope to see you soon!
Team Updates
Education Report
Hannah Johnson LMT
Kiel Unger LMT

One of the common traits of the MTC Therapist Team is a passion for continuing education.  Even though it's much tougher to attend training classes in "the season" with busier schedules, both Kiel Unger and Hannah Johnson attended a 16 hour course recently called "Health Coaching for Health Professionals".  

Eight hours were online studies and eight hours were live instruction. The course was designed to enable the practitioner to coach people towards healthier lifestyle choices such as weight loss and smoking cessation and to help clients remove the roadblocks that stand in their way toward attaining their health goals.  Great job, Kiel and Hannah!
Welcome to Newest Member of MTC Team

We are happy to announce the latest therapist to join our MTC Team, Cory Jamieson.  Cory received an Associate of Science in Natural He
alth with Concentration in Advanced Therapeutic Massage from Florida College of Natural Health with certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage.
Cory Jamieson LMT

He's been a FL licensed massage therapist since 2002, with extensive experience practicing massage in both clinical and spa environments. 
Some of Cory's additional training is in Craniosacral, Trager, Orthopedic Massage, and Massage Cupping techniques. He is also an ISFTA licensed rehab fitness specialist. Don't hesitate to schedule a session with Cory on Thursdays from 3:30pm - 9pm.
Melissa (l) and Sharon (r)
MTC Therapists Work on Philadelphia Union Soccer Team

For the third year running, MTC was asked to work with the Philadelphia Union professional soccer team during their preseason training in Clearwater.  This year, Melissa Kelly LMT and Sharon Sadlon LMT traveled to Clearwater three weeks in a row to provide sports massage to the players.  The sessions are short and sometimes both Melissa and Sharon worked together on the same player!  The team is always very appreciative and all signed a jersey for the therapists to take home.
Lisa Weingart LMT
Congratulations to Lisa Weingart, LMT!

On March 1st, Lisa officially graduated from MTC's Protege Program.  She successfully completed the study and in-house training over the past six months, and gets wonderful reviews, like these:

"Lisa was awesome and did an amazing job. Very relaxing and she was very good at what she does." - Amanda S.

"After many years of massages I find my massages at your facility with Lisa Weingart some of the very best I have ever experienced."  - Barb E.

Lisa continues to reflect the professionalism and dedication to her work that we expect from all MTC therapists.  Way to go, Lisa!
Reader's Choice
Best Massage Therapist Award 2017
We have the best clients in Manatee County!  Because of you, we were voted #1 again for Best Massage Therapists!  This makes three years in a row - 2015, 2016 AND 2017.  Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in us and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you when you next come in!

Specials of the Monthspecials
March Madness Massage

Get a massage like the athletes with a one hour Deep Tissue session that includes moist heat - your choice of a hydrocollator pad or hot towel!

Only $59 - Save $22!
The Snowbird Session

This 90-minute Swedish Massage is a relaxing full body massage PLUS a foot scrub to exfoliate and revive your walking-on-the-beach feet!

Only $86 - Save $25!
The Rockaway Method

The Rockaway Method of Myofascial Release is done by a variety of rocking techniques to release
Jeanette Keyso, LMT
tight or painful muscles, joints, and other connective tissues.  It is a comfortable and stress relieving treatment.   Try this new session with Jeanette Keyso at an introductory rate!

Only $69 - Save $12!

Your Guide to 31 Skin Care Ingredients 
With today's technology, more and more products appear on the scene promising a gamut of improvements.  Many special ingredients are advertised with new, groundbreaking ingredients.  What exactly are these ingredients and what is it that they do?  As a smart consumer, you do the homework and read the labels, but still may end up mystified.  What things work for sagging skin or what works better for lines?  What brightens and what helps with hyperpigmentation?  

You may be surprised to find many of the things that sound foreign are really very familiar, but scientifically renamed.  Read More to see your guide to 31 elements found in skin care products....

See Mary Ann or Bethany for questions or concerns
In Appreciation
A recent article in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, a national publication for Massage Therapists, reiterated the privilege we have to work in our profession.  The author, Benn Perry, states

"...dwelling deep within our hearts is the proven notion that we care about, and for, our fellow human beings."

As massage therapists, we can attest that this is the driving force under all the other motivations in our work - our desire to help others.  Life, after all, is bigger than work and all our day-to-day challenges.

We believe that most people feel this way and hope that you have a chance to better the world around you in your own way.  It's truly a privilege to work in massage therapy and we thank you for supporting our team and our business.

In appreciation,

Shea and Nancy
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