October 11, 2013    Issue 11


   Mark Moses News - What We Learned on Our European Vacation


One of my passions is to live life to its fullest and experience all I can with my family and friends. For my family and me, travel has become an integral part of this equation. Not a week goes by without a conversation about a place we visited, something we saw or people we met and those memories are always accompanied by smiles and laughter. When we get together every December to plan the upcoming year, travel destinations are a favorite topic.


Over the years, I've been inspired by friends who took their children out of school for an entire year to travel and created lifelong memories. Our current family situation is such that a full year away isn't in our immediate future, but this summer we decided to spend a month in Europe visiting six countries. We all had a terrific time sharing experiences that we will reminisce about for years to come and remember forever. At the end of our trip I asked everyone to prepare the top things they learned and I thought their lists were worth sharing.


A baker's dozen of lessons from The Moses Family:


  1. Pre-planning pays off when visiting several countries. Do your homework and plan ample time for relaxation.
  2. Foreign airlines and their executive lounges blow ours right out of the water. C'mon America, get it together!
  3. Salespeople at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar and Spice Market are some of the best sales people in the world. They hustle for every sale and never give up!
  4. Tour guides are worth the extra money. Not only do they save you time by dodging the lines at top sights; they help you understand what you are looking at and why you had to study all those places in your history books.
  5. The Turks and Italians forgot to take English as a second language.
  6. The British are considerate, patient and they love their Royals. The Turks, uhh, not so much!
  7. Try new foods even if they are outside of your comfort zone because it's shocking what you might like and try new activities! Our family really enjoyed our windsurfing lessons and the fish pedicure! 
  8. Experiencing different cultures taught us a lot about the way the world works...and reminded us to be grateful for what we have. It's an excellent eye-opener for kids and adults alike.
  9. Italy owns hospitality. They have great food, beautiful coastlines and, of course, great wine. 
  10. Turkish people do not value personal space and they do not wait in line... You must be aggressive to play their game. Pack your shoulder pads!!
  11. Shopping is a universal language and bargaining is alive and well.
  12. Americans do not vacation for long enough periods. We can learn a lot from the travel habits of Europeans and of course, Aussies!
  13. Family time, new experiences and making lasting memories have no price tag. Don't pass up spending time with your kids because before you know it they'll be grown and on to new things.


I am extremely grateful to have had this time with my family. I learned a lot about my children and the memories we created will last a lifetime.



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