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November 2016
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We often give you information about the wonders of the human body.  By learning as much as possible, it hopefully increases your respect for what your body does and motivates you to take care of it.  This month, let's point out some amazing similarities between the human body and the universe itself!

The atoms that make up your human body today are the same atoms that formed during the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.
An adult is made up of 7,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms. For perspective, there's a 'measly' 300,000,000,000 (300 billion) stars in our galaxy.

Most articles written about the similarities between our bodies and the universe center around our brain.  Our brain's connected neurons look similar to the structure of the universe. In a way, our brains are modeled after the universe.

But it's more than just the brain.  Nothing demonstrates this better than pictures.   Here you can see remarkable similarities between a brain cell and the universe, the birth of a cell and the death of a star, and the eye and a nebula.

Want more ways to appreciate your body?  Here are some additional amazing facts:

  • Your body produces 25 million new cells each second. Every 13 seconds, you produce more cells than there are people in the United States.

  • If you stretched out the 300,000,000 capillaries found just in your lungs end to end, the line would extend from Seattle to San Diego, or about 1,300 miles.
  • Speaking of lungs, the millions of air sacs in the lungs of an adult, when spread out flat, would cover an area about the third of a tennis court.  Makes you appreciate the breathing apparatus we're given!  On average, a person at rest takes about 16 breaths per minute. This means we breathe about 960 breaths an hour, 23,040 breaths a day, 8,409,600 a year. The person who lives to 80 will take about 672,768,000 breaths in a lifetime.  But who's counting?

It is true that individual cells have a finite life span, and when they die off they are replaced with new cells. As The New York Public Library's Science Desk Reference (Stonesong Press, 1995) notes, "There are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the body."  Most of the cells you start life with regenerate during your lifetime, and many do this over and over!  

Red blood cells live for about four months, while white blood cells live on average more than a year. Skin cells live only about two or three weeks. Colon cells have it rough: They die off after about four days. Sperm cells have a life span of only about three days, while brain cells typically last an entire lifetime (neurons in the cerebral cortex, for example, are not replaced when they die).  

Respect all that your body does for you.  Take care of yourself the best you can.  We held over a very popular special that was run last month - the 75 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue session with hot stones free - to help you do just that!  Read below for some staff updates, more specials, great information on moisturizers for the face, and other news.  
ee if you can recognize your therapist in a group photo found below from our haunted motel murder mystery party!

And finally, for our clients who are members of Cub Nation, CONGRATULATIONS!  World Series Champions after a drought of 108 years!
MTC Team Updates
L to R - Front Row:  Jenna, Susan, Sally, Patty
Back Row-Nancy, Shea, Misa, Bethany, Melissa, Jeanette, Lisa 
Shea & Dan Shulman a.k.a. Bailey & Morgan

Murder Mystery Party
We wish we could share more pictures, but needless to say, this event was a LOT of fun!  Held on 10/29 with a haunted hotel theme, Shea and Dan Shulman converted their home into the Bateman Hotel and two murders were committed - one by stabbing and a second by poisoning.  There were hotel employees, a lounge singer, an artist, a reality TV show host, a bartender, a chef, a doll collector and various hotel residents.  If you don't recognize your therapist, don't feel bad - the costumes were creative, including many wigs!  Want to host one yourself?  Kits for different themed murder mystery parties can be found online at www.MyMysteryParty.com

Educational Update

On a more serious note, Mary Ann Maloney recently completed an  18 hour class on Myofascial Release.   Here is what she had to say about it: 
Mary Ann Maloney LMT
"While I had some Myofasical Release exposure in massage school, it was good to have specific instruction to hone this skill. It is a fairly gentle technique to help promote relaxation of the tissue and alleviate pain. It's good for people who have a low pain tolerance, but can be used on anyone. While trigger point therapy uses thumbs and fingers in a pinpoint fashion, myofascial release uses big, broad strokes.  I love taking a variety of classes because each client is unique and a diversity of skills allows me to be more creative in developing an effective treatment."

Way to go, Mary Ann!
A B C's of Skincare - Moisturizing!
Moisture, Moisture, Everywhere
(and not a drop to spare!)
The third building block of our ABC's series is perhaps the most perplexing ---moisture.  We all need it; we see moisturizing products advertised everywhere filled with all kinds of mysterious ingredients.  How do you select the one which gives the best benefit for your skin?....

10% Off Any SkinScript Moisturizers in November
by mentioning you saw it here! 

We Need Your Help!
We have the best clients in Manatee County and you make our jobs a true pleasure!  If you've just found us recently, you may not be aware that our clients have voted us "Best Massage Therapists" in Manatee County for 2015 and 2016.  

The Herald Tribune runs this contest annually - it's called the Readers' Choice Awards, and you can vote on a wide variety of businesses and services.  

It's that time of year again, so we ask if you'd like to vote, please visit:   Readers' Choice Award Voting  Select "Best Local Health and Well Being in Manatee" from the menu on the left side.  Then find the Massage Therapist category, and write in "Massage Therapy Connections".  We'd love to win three years in a row, so appreciate your votes!
November Specials of the Month
15 Minute Clock
15 Minutes More
Many of you took advantage of this special in October - so many that we've decided to extend it one more month.  That also gives those of you a chance who didn't book one to schedule your own 75 minute session at a discount!  Those extra fifteen minutes can really make a difference in how your body benefits from your session.  Plus you get hot stones for free!

75 Minute Swedish - Just $73
75 Minute Deep Tissue - Just $83

Do you stress with the approaching holidays!  If yes, this 60-minute session is perfect for you or anyone who needs stress relief!

The Anti-Stress Ayurvedic Package

This pampering one hour treatment is also beneficial for the relief of headaches, neck tension, TMJ discomfort, tinnitus, plantar fascia issues, stress and circulation problems.

The session includes upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and facial massage finished with warm towels and "Reflections" facelift massage oil. This is followed by an exfoliating Himalayan Sea Salt Foot Scrub and a warm oil foot massage finished with heated towel wrap.
Available only from Patty Spatz, LMT
  Regularly $76 - Only $59 This Month

Pay It Forward Update  --------->
Soon to be: Manual Therapy Foundation 
The Pay It Forward program was created for those in need of medical massage or lymphedema therapy but need help with the cost.  These types of treatments address very specific issues that can be resolved with a set number of sessions.  These are health issues that can dramatically change quality of life.

Several years ago, we began helping some who simply couldn't afford the cost of a series of sessions, often held within 1-3 weeks from start to finish.  We came to a point where our policy of providing services with little to no compensation was not sustainable for our business.  The Pay It Forward fund was created with a series of fundraisers.  In January 2016, we raised our prices $1 to also contribute to the fund.  

The need is there and we know we can help many more.  Pay It Forward will soon be expanded under a new name as a non-profit organization:  Manual Therapy Foundation.  The application for creating this new non-profit has been submitted.  We'll update you as the process moves forward.

Meanwhile, our next big fundraising event will be in mid-January:  an MTC Garage Sale, held at our office location!  We'll be looking for nice items - pretty much anything, but no clothes please!  We do have storage available for items you'd like to get out of your house before the holidays!  

We already have had donations of beautiful wall hangings, and a like-new corduroy couch!   Small donations can be brought to the office during any open hours.

You'll hear more about this in December and January!
In Appreciation
Up until recently, astronomers believed there were up to 200 billion galaxies that could theoretically be detected from Earth.  But a new study suggests it could be 10 times more than that - at least two trillion galaxies and with the possibility of even more.  Remember at the beginning of this newsletter, we noted there were an estimated 300 billion stars in just our galaxy alone!  The vastness of the universe is hard to even comprehend.

Our path of knowledge about the human body is comparable.  We've learned so much about how our bodies function but there's so much left to uncover. One example is a recent finding just last year of a  new series of lymphatic vessels in the body that link the brain to the immune system - a connection researchers had previously thought didn't exist.

As massage therapists, we find human anatomy and physiology fascinating!  We'll do our best to share with you what we find, particularly about your own body and issues you may have.  Thanks for your trust in our team, and we hope to see you soon!

In appreciation,

Shea and Nancy
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