January 2012
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What are you doing to prevent cancer?
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Preventing Cancer


I recently read that 41% of the population will experience cancer within their lifetime. What a horrible thing to go through. It is a nightmare. The question is what can be done to help you stay in the 59% bracket along with giving you a sense of confidence that you are doing the right things to prevent being in the 41% category. The key is that everything you need to do is already known and available. So why doesn't everyone follow a program to prevent it from occurring?


The following are my ideas on why people don't take care of themselves. This is the real issue and must be dealt with before a program can be consistently followed.


1. People think that they can do it themselves by reading books and creating their own programs. The reality is that it is nearly impossible. Which book, which program, are the questions? Who is going to evaluate the results? It requires an experienced health care professional who has the capacity to measure the effectiveness of every portion of a program and who can personalize it.


2. Nearly everyone procrastinates concerning their health care. Of course, everyone is so busy that they can't find the time to study the information, let alone figure out which program is better. But busyness is also a form of denial and procrastination. The only way out of this is an alternative health care coach who does the studying for you and lays out the program and motivates you on how to stay well.


3. Consistency is the key whether it is the diet, exercise or health care treatments. But how can consistency be maintained? The only way is to be responsible to someone, preferably a health care coach who can keep you motivated and can show you how your negative choices are affecting you.


4. Be open to clear deep seated emotions which will sabotage your own best efforts. The two main ones are any unforgiveness and hopelessness for ones self or others. These can be from the past, present, or concern for the future and can result in a diminishment of positive expectations for the future. Here is where your health care coach can be of great benefit. Discovering the roots of these and treating them out of the body can release a person so that a new future can be visualized.


So what am I saying here? I have dedicated my life to helping people stay well through treatment and acting as a health care coach. All the doctors in my clinic have made the same commitment. We have all the tools to help you.


Make an appointment and keep to a regular schedule, whether every 2 weeks or once a month or every 6 weeks. You may ask what is the purpose of the treatments? Here is how I see it:


Treatments keep your structural, biochemical, hormonal systems in balance and at premium performance. They prevent stress from taking over.


Treatments refocus your consciousness upon the importance of maintaining your health. Because we are faced with so many distractions, it is easy to fall off the

path. They are the perfect mechanism to stay out of the denial phase, believing you're balanced and well when you are not.


Life is a never ending process of growth. Healing is also a never ending process of awakening.


By Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Wagner Holistic Center