eNews : February 2018
A Home for Lifetime Mates
Photo of a pair of otters by Jeff Littleton
Conservation land includes wetlands and streams

What could be more Valentine-y than celebrating the conservation of habitat for beavers and otters, which mate for life? At the Katie Metzger Town Forest in Fitzwilliam, numerous streams and wetlands on the western side of the property provide homes for these faithful friends.

"I would recommend being involved with the Monadnock Conservancy to anyone. It's a helpful organization to so many people and places."
- Katie Metzger, former board member
Finding the Fish
Photo of pickerel by Ryan Owens
Chain pickerel provides action for family fun on the ice

This winter's cold snaps create excellent conditions for ice fishing. A popular catch in New Hampshire's waters is the chain pickerel (Esox niger), pictured at right. You might have to work hard to catch a 6-pound fish, but plenty of 2 pounders await. Be inpsired by more photos from our Family Ice Fishing Day at Sip Pond in Fitzwilliam held in late January.

Tips to Ride Out a Winter Storm
Photo of an emergency survival kit
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

There is no better way to keep your family safe in times of extreme weather than with an emergency kit.

Here is a checklist of the things you will want in case another major snow storm comes along this winter. It'll make being prepared easier and take one more worry off your mind.

Winter Walk to a Waterfall
Photo of snowshoe hikers by Brittany Ballantyne Guided hike at Calhoun Family Forest in Gilsum

Join the Gilsum Community group on Saturday, February 24,  for a hike on the Porcupine Falls Trail at our  Calhoun  Family Forest. Rick Brackett with the Conservancy will be along for the hike and fill you in on all the happenings on the property. Hot chocolate available after the hike.

Photo of Ryan Owens by Alyssa Salerno
It seems as though the weather cannot make up its mind. From record low temperatures to rain storms in the 50s, it's hard to know what to expect. Yet Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, and phenologists -- scientists who study the timing of seasonal natural phenomena -- agree.
What do you think? Will spring come "on time" this year? If you've been tracking observations about plants and animals throughout the years in a nature calendar or journal, I'd especially love to hear from you.
With warm thoughts,
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Photos by Flickr/Bill Williams, Jeff Littleton, Ryan Owens, courtesy image, Brittany Ballantyne, and Alyssa Salerno.

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