What do Standard Polyester Powders do for you?
How can IFS Standard Polyesters help you?
When you're looking for an excellent, all-purpose coating, Standard Polyesters may well be your first stop.
Different types of standard polyester powders?
Did you know there's more than one type? The two most common are Standard Polyester TGIC and Standard Polyester TGIC-free. Standard Polyester TGIC is commonly used in the US, and the TGIC free version is required in Europe.
What are standard polyesters used on?
IFS Standard Polyesters can be used for both interior and exterior applications, including architectural profiles, retail interiors, furniture, fixtures and fittings, fencing, kitchen appliances, playground and recreation equipment, lighting fixtures, wire cloth, vending machines, automotive parts, decorative pieces...the list goes on!
So what kind of performance do they offer?
When used on exterior applications Standard Polyesters offer what is often referred to as standard durability, and while there are products that will offer higher levels of durability for not much more, standard polyester powder coatings are regularly used on exterior applications.
In terms of performance, as well as standard durability and weathering,
Standard Polyesters, will offer good chemical resistance, impact resistance and flexibility. They're also popular because they can be formulated in an enormous range of color, gloss and special effects, offer good overbake resistance to yellowing and best of all, they're cost effective.
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