What do these 4 beautiful skyscrapers have in common? Understanding the different types of powder coating, high performance exterior grade powders for sporting venues and more.

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What do these 4 beautiful skyscrapers have in common?

Each one of these impressive projects is protected and decorated with high performance, Fluoropolymer powder coatings on its façade.
IFS 500FP to be precise.
Because of this, each one of these impressive projects is utilizing the environmentally responsible coatings choice. These architects proved sustainable design CAN include exterior coatings that look great, are competitively priced and deliver world class performance that won't 'cost the earth'. No VOCs, no toxic compounds, no toxic waste/landfill, no chrome based primer...the list goes on.
Are all powder coatings created equal?

The simple answer is no.

Powder coatings are used on so many different products, from facades to furniture, cookers to
computers, wheels to windows, bikes to buildings and refrigerators to railings.
Even though it's all called 'powder coating' there are many different product types and the formulation chemistry behind each of them is designed to deliver very different types of performance.

It's like comparing a kids first bike with training wheels to a world class Tour de France winning bicycle. They're both bikes but...

Both refrigerators and curtain wall are 'powder coated'. But we're not going to put the same type of powder coating on a fridge, as we are on the exterior of a building and give it a 20 year warranty. They both use powder coatings, but they're powders that are designed to do very different things. Read more...
Can the sound of music look good too?

Sleek design paired with awesome audio is the ultimate goal when designing a quality
entertainment area experience. So it comes as no surprise that looking and sounding great are equally important when it comes to state of the art speaker systems. High quality immersive audio with wires hanging out? Not really the look we're going for.
"So much work goes into designing a space" explains Marcus Mesta of James Loudspeaker, "that the ability to ensure an incredible audio experience, whether it's in a commercial or residential project or in an interior or exterior space, has become really important. Of course there is also a visual design element that is just as crucial."
10 beautiful sporting venues featuring gold medal worthy powder coatings.
A lot goes into designing, constructing, and decorating a sporting venue. From the colossal Olympic
stadiums to the smallest squash court, they all require tough materials that can handle high levels of traffic and use, the elements, and the odd flyaway ball. 
Check out these 10 awesome sporting venues that utilized high performance powders on façade, windows and more.
How can I use high performance, environmentally responsible powder coatings?
It's pretty simple.
  • Once you know which areas of your design require a high performance, exterior grade coating (curtain wall, façade, fenestration etc.) work with your architectural powder coating representative to choose the correct product type.
  • Once you have the product type, choose the color and where desired, the effect (metallic, texture etc.).
  • Color samples will be sent to you for approval. Remember, this does not have to be the final color, if you want to change it slightly - warm it up, cool it down, change the gloss - we can do this for you just like with a liquid paint.
  • Once you have the desired color, sign off on the powder and ensure you have the product type (e.g. Fluoropolymer), product code (this tells the manufacturer exactly which formulation you have approved and how to make it) and color name for your specification.
  • If you need assistance with amending a long standing specification's wording to account for powder coating (the number of coats may be different etc.) then check with your architectural coating specialist and we will provide you with wording or suggest amends to your current spec.
  • We will guide you through the process and you will find it is really very easy to make the environmentally responsible coatings choice!
  • Repeat for interior metal applications to ensure continuity throughout your design!

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