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Happy March! Spring is ready to come alive all around us. Easter is the end of this month. Warm-weather birds are beginning to make their appearances. The days are getting longer.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The grass, brown and battered from winter's wrath, greens and regrows. Delicate flowers that have lain dormant under the snow cheerfully cast the first colorful and fragrant blooms of the year. Buds on bare tree branches swell and sprout the new green leaves of the season. Bad behaviors of the past can give way to healthy new life habits.

This month, we welcome writers to exercise their literary skills in a chance to win $1000 for their favorite charity. We cast a spotlight on Next Step staffer Elliot Hurst and we offer 10 tips to support families in recovery. We also continue to offer sponsorship opportunities for our flagship 10th anniversary celebration, Golf FORE Recovery.

Happy spring! Enjoy the awakening and fresh beauty of this season. 


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Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS

Writers Wanted
A unique fundraising opportunity for your favorite charity
Listening to the Grass Grow
Rick Bagley, son of Harry C. "Cuz" Bagley, has announced a contest that centers around the title of his father's book, "Listening to the Grass Grow".

In 250 words or less, describe in your own words how you think the book got its name. If your story is chosen, the charity of your choice will be awarded $1000!

Deadline for entering this contest is March 31, 2016. All entries should be emailed to

Next Step Staff Spotlight
Elliot Hurst, House Manager and Case Manager,
tells his story in his own words.
Say hi to Elliot
Elliot Hurst
In college, I played basketball at St. Catherine's University. I suffered an injury to my ACL that required surgery. I was prescribed pain pills for the rehabilitation. During this time I began abusing the prescription and also bought from the street. I couldn't get enough and wasn't taking the medication for pain but was taking for the euphoria. 

This went on for years as I tried my best to hide it from my family and loved ones. The addiction progressed to the strongest opiates I could find, and my life had become completely unmanageable. The getting and using consumed my daily life. 

My family began to ask me to seek help. After refusing for years, I had finally reached a bottom that I decided to seek help. I went to a great treatment center, English Mountain Recovery in Tennessee. There I learned about the disease of addiction and the solutions to my dilemma. They also suggested I continue my recovery at a structured living environment -- Next Step Recovery.

I stayed at NSR for 9 months, working on my recovery and also finishing my education at a local college in Asheville. I obtained a degree in Applied Science in Human Services, and also obtained a Certificate in Substance Abuse Studies.

Fortunately, when I graduated from school, a position became available at NSR. I took the job as staff case manager. I really enjoy giving back to people who still suffer from addiction and providing them some hope that "We do Recover".

Elliot's Advice to recovering addicts and their families:

It's okay to not be ok. 
If you truly desire to change yourself then the healing process can begin at NSR.

A fun fact about Elliot:

I make music and pottery. Once I was an extra on the History channel's "Pawn Stars".

  The Family Recovery Journey

At Next Step Recovery, we believe that the road to recovery is a family journey. Addiction takes a tremendous toll on families who often struggle for years with the emotional, financial and physical consequences of untreated addiction.

The road to recovery, which often includes relapses, job and relationship losses, can be a long and exhausting one, particularly when families don't get support for their own recovery process.
The good news is that families can have a tremendous positive impact on recovery when they commit to their own healing. In fact, recovery offers many opportunities to build stronger families through self-discovery, personal growth and cultivating more authentic and healthy relationships.
There are many ways families can support their own healing process, including learning about the disease of addiction, seeking support from 12-step groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon, and identifying codependent patterns of behavior.

Welcome video
Our welcome video provides a short introduction to our program. Our program is proof that freedom from addiction is not only possible, it's happening NOW, right here in the mountains of western North Carolina.
Our Golf 4 Recovery tournament is on September 17, 2016 at Broadmoor Golf Links. We are currently seeking sponsors for this event. Choose one of our sponsorship packages or contact us for other options. 
NEXT STEP RECOVERY, INC  is a recovery house for young males 18 years of age or older who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.