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CrossFit Farmland opened their doors in Waunakee and needed an online presence and a logo. They looked to Waterfront to produce a website with everything needed to get new members and information about existing members. CrossFit.

CrossFit Farmland

"The work you've done on our website has been highly appreciated by all of us - including our members. We definitely hired the right person to help get our business off the ground."

- CrossFit Farmland 


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Waterfront Graphic Design is celebrating it's 10th anniversary!

Most businesses fail in the first five years, and we are proud to announce that we have achieved that - times 2!  In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we have a special offer for you, please see the coupon below.
What does it cost to start a website?

A lot of clients that we sit down with have never had a website and don't know what to budget for one. To provide some insight, here are four factors in the cost of a website:Website Costs
  1. The URL. This is your website's address. What people type in their internet browser to find you. On average the cost of a URL is $15 a year. This is an annual fee that you must pay in order to prevent your URL be placed back up for sale. If you purchase a URL from a reputable company, they will send you an email to inform you of the expiration of your URL a month or two before it expires.
  2. Hosting. Think of hosting as the home where your website lives. You purchase space on a server for your website to be available to internet browsers. Hosting prices can range from $5-$40 a month on average. Certain hosting services offer different options than others. More expensive hosting is not always better than the less expensive. I found that some of the best hosting packages cost just $10 per month. Again, this is a yearly cost and most companies ask for the yearly fee up front.
  3. The Designer. The cost of the designer can vary in all directions. This should be a one time cost.  Choosing your designer is one of the most important decisions you can make when creating a website as the designer is the key to ensuring the website meets all your needs and is built for best  usability by your visitors. 
  4. Maintenance.  As time goes on, you may want ongoining or intermediate changes to your website's design and/or structure.  This is considered maintenance.  Often your original website designer will offer packages per month or year to keep your website up to date.  Many website's are built on content management systems so you can update text and possibly photos, by yourself.  You should only need to have the designer change major components of the site (i.e. look or design changes, adding pages, adding links to social media, etc.). 
Interested in learning more about websites?
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2 Pages FREE 

Receive 2 pages designed for free when you have Waterfront Graphic Design create your website (minimum 6 page website for this offer to be valid). Website must be started before 12/31/2011 and completed by 3/31/2012.


Offer Expires: August 31, 2011