To answer the question posed in the title here, no one really knows. No one, that is, except God. Regardless of the many unknowns ahead, I can say with certainty that this is NOT a time for praying Christians to take a break or relax. Believers in America are still in the middle of a very polarized and politically divided nation. Those with biblical discernment also understand that much of what we see with the natural eye is the result of an incredibly intense and ongoing spiritual war as well. Satan would like nothing more than to wield a disabling blow against this country since, because of the freedom afforded to us and relative affluence of America, Christians here have arguably done more to damage his evil kingdom and rescue sinners from eternal Hell than any other nation over the past 200 years.

For the near future, Donald J. Trump's surprising election may prove to be a reprieve from at least some of the descending moral, physical, and financial issues facing us. But even with perfect policies flawlessly executed and perhaps eight years of diligent work by Trump and his administration, even the very best outcomes will, in reality, only provide short-term solutions at best.

Now, don't misread that. I'm absolutely critical of the apathy held by far too many Christians. The fight to turn America is a good fight and it's one we need to be completely engaged in. Four or even eight years of reversing the encroaching, burdensome damage done by the outgoing administration will be a wonderful thing. Trump has promised to undo regulations and to unleash American business to create and produce again. I believe we can expect movement in many areas, including an effort that will regain ground concerning free speech and also a continued challenge to the politically correct culture that will be the death knell of America if left unchecked. Besides a less intrusive tax system, the possible abandoning of Common Core curriculum, and taking the PC culture to task, Trump's various policies may prove significant for us when it comes to the goal of winning lost souls. However, just having control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency doesn't guarantee an end to the horror of abortion or a repeal of same-sex marriage, and it doesn't automatically fix our nation's looming debt crisis. There are consequences for the actions of the past and keeping us from sinking in the veritable waves now heading our way will take a mighty big paddle and an enormous amount of skill.

Having a relatively more conservative Congress and a president willing to sign good legislation into law will certainly afford us numerous blessings, such as a repeal of many elements of the leftist agenda that's been foisted on Americans and the Church over the past 8 years. However, one of my main concerns in the writing of this article is that now, post-election, we simply cannot afford to lose focus or become lackadaisical when it comes to taking appropriate action and especially concerning prayer. Christian author and columnist Michael Bresciani notes, "Many are rejoicing in what looks like a veritable miracle of God in the outcome of this heated election. Others are cautious and are calling it a reprieve or a period of probation for America to pause and deeply consider the generational long slide into deep immorality we have been undergoing." Bresciani's points should be well taken. We have work to do and there are numerous forces rabidly opposed to any sort of moral or ethical turn-around for America.

Sore Losers and Anarchists

If you haven't noticed, those participating in the unparalleled protests that began within hours of the November 8th election aren't just anarchists or a few sore losers. The recent mayhem in our streets and college campuses is a compilation of organized movements funded by the likes of radical billionaire George Soros. While curiously protesting the constitutional election of Donald Trump, one of the goals of those participating in this latest wave of civil unrest is the abolition of a key element of states' rights and a centerpiece of the brilliance and wisdom displayed by the Founding Fathers known as the Electoral College. The Electoral College serves as a great moderator, nullifying the unseemly effects of mob rule mentality. It allows areas in the country to lean either left or right but applies built in checks and balances when it comes to electing a president. When the cumulative popular vote sides with one candidate but the votes cast state by state in the Electoral College elect a different candidate, there are always going to be calls to forsake the college by the losing side. Here we are, weeks after the election, and just today I heard one very exasperated left-leaning pundit blurt, "But the Electoral College was supposed to prevent the election of Donald Trump. " Now, numerous left-wing and Hollywood groups are encouraging the Republican State Electors to disregard the will of the people in their particular states and switch their votes from Donald Trump on December 19th. I suppose this is the spot where I should say, "I thought the Electoral College was supposed to help preserve the importance of every vote and also underscore that individual uniqueness of every state in our Union?"

Lest you slip into accepting this campaign to disband the Electoral College, just imagine a country led by whomever the left leaning Californians and New Yorkers choose every four years. If the chorus of voices now calling for the dismissal of the Electoral College would succeed, the results of future elections would be as if the dream of Barack Obama had come true and voting rights were given to the more than eleven million people currently living here illegally. America would never elect another conservative leader and would generally become a nation ruled by those living on our two coasts.

Cyrus the Great Revisited?

The Trump election obviously came as a shock to those so confident of Mrs. Clinton's candidacy. Though admittedly I was far from being a Trump supporter early on, his election struck a blow against the forces of darkness intent on destroying America. Whether Mr. Trump has accepted the Lord Jesus as personal Savior or not, I cannot say. However, some Christians believe he may indeed serve as a type of modern day Cyrus the Great for America. Cyrus, the pagan king of Persia during the late 6th century B.C., showed the Jews uncanny favor by not only allowing them to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, but Cyrus also funded the construction and even restored the Jew's temple treasures (Ezra 1:4-11; 6:4-5).

Regardless of any good President-elect Trump and his incoming administration may bring, it is foolish and naïve to think that our national problems are now solved. Just as Cyrus could not prevent the eventual downfall of his own kingdom nor guarantee the security of Jerusalem, neither Mr. Trump nor the efforts of any future politicians will assure lasting safety or security for America. To live in such an illusion would be to believe that the political realm could stymie Bible prophecy, something that is simply not going to occur. Understand, that is not to encourage fatalistic thinking in any way but to serve again as a reminder that God, and not government, is our hope. As the Gaithers' chorus rightly states, "Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away"; however, while we live here on planet Earth, we are to engage, be connected, and be involved. I think if we examine the majority of the President-elect's proposed ideas, Bible believers who appreciate the relative peace and freedom we enjoy as Americans, will find those ideas should be supported and faithfully covered with prayer. However, besides the opposing party and radical activists, not everyone agrees.

Separation of WHAT?

Many believers have erroneously adopted the often repeated yet unbiblical talking point of complete separation of religion from politics. Just as the phrase "the separation of Church and State" does not appear anywhere in our country's foundational documents, neither should it be part of our vernacular in public discourse. The Bible never indicates that we are to be silent concerning the governing or the affairs of the world in which we live. To do so, one must not only abandon biblical history from Moses to Daniel and beyond but we'd also have to be be content to see our God- given earthly mission as found in Matthew 28:19-20 severely hindered. Disengaging from the many issues of our day that have political correlation serves only to hamper the fundamental function of our existence here on Earth, which is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Plus, by disengagin g we'd sin against our fellow man. Imagine the void created by our absence from dialog and the public declaration of biblical positions on issues such as right-to-life, traditional marriage, and free religious speech. A wholesale disengagement from the political realm would only serve Satan's efforts to silence the Church and, on our watch and for the sake of those coming behind us, we cannot afford to allow that to happen unabated.

Be Sober, Be Vigilant...

Let me remind you that the Bible allows Christians no room to give up, surrender, or turn apathetical. Bible prophecy is going to march forward at the speed God intends but regardless of what God sovereignly does or allows we've been given our day to day orders. We are to stand opposed to evil and remain focused on the objective of soul-winning until the second we hear the trumpet call sound across heaven. So Christian, this is not the time to relax and there is no time for a celebration. Those seeking to shut our mouths and eventually deliver America into the hands of a full-blown globalist system (Revelation 13) have not surrendered and the battles continue raging on many fronts with no foreseeable end.

In closing, please be reminded that any advancement made by skillful articulation in the political realm is fleeting - unless it is led by God and covered in prayer. Though the world around us will never acknowledge such, the philosophical conflicts as to who we are as a nation and what our country will become are going to be won or lost as a result of how the Church reacts - or fails to act - in prayer. If that statement is a fact, then truly, this is a pivotal time for America. May the Christians who reside in her recognize and accept the call to pray for our leaders (I Tim. 2:1-3) and be relentless in our prayers about the direction of our divided nation. Intercession is mandatory in these spiritual battles but it cannot be for simple self-preservation or even for the love of country. Our primary objective must be on souls. We are to pray and proclaim the Cross, repentance, salvation, and the reality of Jesus' soon coming while we still have light, for as He proclaimed, our opportunities will someday end as darkness is coming (John 9:4).
Prayer Points for a Pivotal Time
- Pray for Donald Trump and the transition team, that God sovereignly act in their midst.
- Pray against the plans of anyone seeking to harm him and others in the new Administration.
- Pray that God raise up particular people nationally and on state and local levels who will grasp the opportunity we have to make progress on abortion, traditional marriage, free speech, etc.
- Pray that we will have Congressional leaders with strong character and backbone.
- Pray that the plans of those intent on destroying America be thwarted.
- Pray the Church will again speak up biblically, boldly, and compassionately on social issues across the culture.
- Pray   for a return to righteousness across America.*
- Pray against wrong motives and the flesh (in government and the Church).
- Pray the result of all is that names be added to the Lamb's Book of Life.

KEY PRAYER POINT: We need to pray for President-elect Trump now more than at any time previously. Mr. Trump has made it clear that he is going to cut wasteful spending and change business as usual in Washington. Those who have made billions of dollars in the past from positioning themselves to be able to siphon and skim from the government, and do so unchecked, are probably more threatened than any of our foreign enemies. They are the white shirt, modern Mafia. And Donald Trump has pledged to put an end to their free ride on the backs of the American people. These formidable forces are on a collision course.

Will there be a widespread, sweeping revival? We should pray and be optimistic because there certainly could be pockets of revivals but be aware of perhaps another wave of aberrant religious activity, too. After much study, I don't think we can find an end-time mass revival in Scripture. But by God's sovereignty, though, between now and the Rapture, I'd sure like to be wrong this time. Regardless of whether a widespread revival is ahead or not, there are souls at stake nevertheless. Christians, let's be ready!

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