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Canine Video Spotlight!
The Most Expensive
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Featuring Barlow Solomon, DAS
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Should Spud Be Groomed 
for His Video Work?
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What if Our Clients Were  
Like Our Family Dogs 
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"Dogs are not our whole life, 
but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras  (Famous Dog Guy)


I believe every home should have a dog. As a dog lover, we have three. Although we were tempted to help a friend who needed to find a home for Shorty, a nice mastiff. That would be four dogs.
A mastiff is HUGE, but this was an awesome dog. Fortunately, sanity won out. The thought we would even consider such a thing is scary.  
Obviously, not everyone can own a dog for a variety of reasons, but dog ownership is an integral part of many peoples lives...and for good reason. They are great companions and are blessings in our lives...most of the time. 
There are of course exceptions, like the occasional dog party they throw that we are not invited to. As shown here, our lab Barlow hosted a party and he appears to have a hangover.   
In this issue, I pose the question in my article, What if Our Clients Were Like Dogs? It's an "interesting" piece that I hope you enjoy. 
If you love your dog, we invite you to share that love! Post a picture and what you love about them on our Facebook Page. We'll give away two iTunes cards for the post our team likes the best, courtesy of our friends at AIA.
Keeping with dog theme, we also would appreciate your input on Spud being groomed more often since he is "on camera." Your thoughts can be posted on our Facebook Page as well. 
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Make it a great day!   


Jeff Solomon, MAS

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What if Our Clients Were Like Our Dogs! 
Spud Headshot

I confess that I am a dog lover. We have three dogs, Barlow, Spud and Kobe, each with their own odd personalities. Our black lab Barlow plays a role in one of my favorite videos, The Most Expensive Product Review Ever.

Spud, our miniature dachshund, loves to participate in video product reviews. In this video, To Groom or Not Groom, we ask for your input on the FreePromoTips Facebook Page. Is it time for Spud to be groomed, or does his scraggly, working class look work for him? 


Click here for the rest of this dog gone good article!

The Art of Saying Please and Thank You   

From  Rebecca Kollmann - AIA

When I was little, my parents instilled in me the habit of saying "please" and "thank you" in a number of situations. It was polite, and if I didn't include the word, I got "the look" and a whispered reminder to say the word(s) I'd omitted. 


As I got older, the habit actually started to mean something. No little girl wants to get a brown and orange plaid sweater from their aunt when they were hoping for a Shaun Cassidy poster (I was born in the early 70s). This gets a forced "thank you." However, when I got the poster from another relative, they got the "Thank you!" accompanied by a big smile and a sincere hug.      Click here for the rest of the story