August 2014
Spotlight on Jose!

The Gubbio Project has a new full-time volunteer through Vincentian Service Corps. Jose Lopez had his first day of work at Gubbio last Monday. He is a recent graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  The roles that Jose will fill at Gubbio include working three days a week as a Hospitality Monitor, coordinating donations and supplies and assisting with the Breakfast Program.

When asked what his first impression of the Gubbio project was Jose said that it was "of comfort." 

He says, "The idea of people being able to sleep who really want/need to is very comforting. I've always thought that if I want to help people who are experiencing injustices or hardships, I need to meet them first; hear their story. I'm very excited to be a part of this project and continue to make it successful and grow."

Jose will be with The Gubbio Project for an entire year. He lives with other Vincentian volunteers here in San Francisco. For fun he likes to travel and explore new places.

We're excited that you're a part of the team Jose!!
"Head up, Eyes up, Pray up"
- By Jose Lopez, 
Full Time Vincentian Volunteer

A guest of ours came up to me and my coworker today as we were closing.

He said: "What is 865,000 x 68?"

We looked at each other with confused faces. We said we didn't know so we took out a calculator. We gave him the number and helped him read it out. All I could think was "why does this man want to know this?" We finally asked him and he said:

"That's the total number of blessings I have gotten in my entire life."

He started giggling with joy when we emphasized how big of a number that was. I thought to myself how in the world does this guy think he has gotten so many blessings? Who does he think is praying for him so much? We finally asked him where he got those numbers from and he said: 

"That is the total number of seconds that I have been alive."

I started doing the math in my head thinking that couldn't be right; but then I stopped. Seeing him so happy and cheerful made me realize it wasn't the number that was important. It was realizing that every second is a blessing from God on this earth. I couldn't believe it. A man living on the streets suffering from many injustices having that much faith; having more faith than me. He then said:
"And I am still young!" (65 years old) 

We started laughing together. Together we were celebrating the number of blessings he has received in his life and the countless number of blessings he is yet to receive. In the middle of all the laughter he said:

"Wait a second. How many people are on earth?"

I gave him and estimate. The realization on his face after thinking each person on this earth has gotten one blessing for every second of their life was truly genuine. He pointed up to the sky laughing and said:

"You are amazing."

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Gubbio Receives Local Lenten Rice Bowl Donations


The Gubbio Project was fortunate to be selected as the sole recipient of the domestic portion of the 2014 San Francisco Lenten Rice Bowl collection organized by Catholic Relief Services.  Each year all donations in the Archdiocese are split with 75% going abroad and 25% staying local. This is the first year that the 25% domestic portion from San Francisco was given to a single organization with the hope of making a larger impact on a project. 

Catholic Relief Services organizes this collection each year, known as "Operation Rice Bowl." It has been a yearly Lenten project since 1975. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to the CRS Rice Bowl this year! 

Teach our girls how to code | Del Seymour  | TEDxMarketStreet
Teach our girls how to code | Del Seymour | TEDxMarketStreet

Gubbio Project Board Member, Del Seymour, gave a Ted Talk recently on how he sees tech companies participating in our community. Watch here!
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The Gubbio Project's restrooms are in need of some TLC. Seeing 300 visits a day, these bathrooms are needed in our neighborhood. 

If you have painting, caulking, plumbing or other relevant skills and want to help us with this project email