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What is My Best Quick Sales Tip?

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If you follow me on  Twitter or LinkedIn, you know that I regularly post quick sales tips.  In fact, I think that's one of the main reasons why  B2B Sales Connections was selected as one of The 19 Sales Groups You Should Join On LinkedIn.

I post so many quick sales tips that I am often asked if I had to pick one sales tip that would have the most impact on results, what would it be?  My answer is always the same.

What is my best quick sales tip? Read more here.

Management Matters - Is It Time to Fire Your Non Producing Sales Rep?

Many sales managers often ask themselves what they should do with their non producing sales representatives.  Is it time to sever the employer - employee relationship and let them go?  

Is it time to fire your non producing sales rep? To answer that you first need to ask yourself these questions. Read more here.

Channel Chat - 4 Reasons Why Your Sales Agent Program Will Fail and How to Prevent It

The success of your sales agent channel will be determined by many different components: recruiting process, training programs, program management and your support structure to name a few.

Based on our research and years of involvement on both sides of the agent channel business we have found that sales agent channels usually fail because of one or more of the following reasons. Read more here.

Career Connections - How to Find Your Dream Sales Job!

They say that if you are good in sales, you are never unemployed. The problem is that if your sales job is not a good fit for you, not only are you not as happy as you should be, you are simply not earning the income you could. To top it off, you may never know your ideal sales job exists or where to find it because up to 90 % of the jobs available are not even advertised!
Your dream sales job is out there, you just have to know how to find it. Read more here.  

Webinar Wednesdays - Getting Ready To Audition for a TV Pitch Show

Are you planning to make an investment pitch to the Dragons' Den™ Shark Tank™ or other entertainment-focused investment pitch contest?   Before you develop and deliver your pitch join us on our webinar to learn from an expert who has helped many start-up companies and entrepreneurs successfully appear on Dragons' Den, Digital Den and other major pitch competitions. Register here.

Webinar doesn't fit your schedule?  Download our webinar video recordings here.
Remember as Alan Weise once said, "Improve by 1 percent a day, and in just seventy days, you're twice as good."

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