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Employee of the Month!
Bryce Davidson
Fitness Associate & Fitness Body Competitor
The April Employee of the Month goes to ...


"I have people come to me telling me how much he works while on his shift.  Also how personable/friendly he is.
Job well done!" - Freya
Way to go Bryce!  Well deserved for a guy who is always cheerful, positive and willing to help out whenever he is needed. Bryce is always working at improving at whatever he does.   Great to have him on the team again!

What is Sciatica?
Dr. Lindsay Heubner, Chiropractor, Acupuncture
Over the 13 years that I have been practicing as a Chiropractor, I have noticed that there is a common misconception as to what exactly sciatic pain is.  I hope that this article will clear up the confusion surrounding this condition.  

Sciatica is a fairly common ailment, which happens when there is irritation of the sciatic nerve.  This large nerve extends from the low back, through the buttocks, and down the back of each leg. Those who suffer from sciatica usually only have one side affected at a time.  

The most common symptom of sciatica is shooting pain beginning in the buttocks and radiating down the back of the leg.  In severe cases, this pain is accompanied by numbness or tingling, and can even cause weakness in the leg and/or the foot.  

Causes of this condition include, irritation of the nerves in the low back either due to herniated discs, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), degenerative discs or osteoarthritis of the vertebrae.  It is also frequently caused by muscle spasms in the buttocks (usually the piriformis muscle).  Pregnancy, obesity, lack of exercise, and use of improper footwear are all factors that may contribute to this issue.  

Do not fear; sciatica is generally quite treatable.  However, if you, or someone you know is suffering from sciatica, consider consulting a chiropractor before resorting to drastic measures such as nerve blocks or surgery.  We have many tools here at IHC to address this problem.  Sciatica responds quite well to laser therapy, soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage and acupuncture.  
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Client Story
Hailey Verch, Chiropractic Assistant, Laser Therapist
"Does Laser Therapy Really Work?"
"When working in the laser therapy ward, I often hear people being skeptical about whether or not laser therapy will be effective for them. The upside of this is that for every skeptical patient there are many more who are believers and have had the results and improvements to show it. There have been numerous times where I have heard someone vocalize their uncertainty only to hear another patient share their story with them of how effective laser has been for them. Not only do I find it great to hear their stories and how laser has helped them, but I think it means a lot more to the doubting patient to hear it from someone who has been in a similar place as them as opposed to one of us that work here."  

Eco Conscious 
El Naturalista
Are you someone who is very eco conscious but also loves to be fashion forward?  El Naturalista feels the same way! They have designed a shoe that is made completely out of recyclable materials and is 100% vegan. Each shoe is made out of the highest quality raw materials. They make sure that each piece is then cut and sewn with the greatest precision. In a world where everyone is in a hurry, they are committed to manual processes and superb finishing. This European company has created a wide section of styles and colours in order to suit each individuals style. IHC has brought in a few unique styles to try so please drop and let us know if these are for you!

"We work to leave the world a better place than the one we found"
- El Naturalista 
Let's Talk about Sex
Mandy Christink, Nutrition and Footwear Associate

Let's do it.  Let's talk about the unmentionable.                              

Let's talk about women and sex.   

Women of all ages have questions and concerns and very few places to turn to get help.  With the daunting fact that 43% of women lose their sex drive by the age of 40 and considering the first ever-pharmaceutical drug was only FDA approved in the states in August of 2015, it is clear that not enough research has been done regarding women's sexual health.  The list of concerns can range anywhere from vaginal dryness, the inability to climax, the failure to be aroused and even lack of desire.  With the constant change in the hormonal balance in the female body, it is no wonder the old Chinese proverb says “I would rather treat ten men to every one woman”.

What Causes Low Libido?!?!

The best place to start is to look at the differences between men and women - going right back to the very beginning of our sexual awakening.  Often adolescence males learn and discover themselves through masturbation and their first experience of sexual pleasure is through self-gratification.  This allows them to create a detachment between sex and relationships.   Alternatively, the majority of females first encounter sexual pleasure with a partner, thus forming the idea of intimacy in relation to sex. As a consequence of these contrasting ideas about sex and intimacy between men and woman, it can sometimes make it hard for women to connect sexually with their partner when they are not feeling loved or supported.  Adding to this, the social norm in most cultures suppresses the idea of sex being pleasurable for women, which has created a lot of taboos around the subject.   This is shifting with each generation, and with it, the female image has been overexposed in the media; leaving younger generations with the ability to express themselves sexually but maybe at a much higher cost.  With social media so often sexualizing the female form, the standards of what women think they need to look and act like are very unrealistic, often creating a negative self body image.  This can often lead to not being able to fully relax during intimate situations, making the ability to orgasm extremely difficult.

However this is just one theory.  Other factors include hormonal imbalances that occur naturally as a woman ages, the food we eat, water we drink, and medications that we take.  Often when this subject is brought up to our physicians, the first thing that is prescribed is either an antidepressant with it’s associated negative side effects, or estrogen creams or pills which have become a centre of debate for many.  The side effects of estrogen may have severe detriments to our health and can include the increased risk of stroke, blood clots, hormone related cancers (breast, uterine etc), heart attacks, vaginal discharge, headaches and nausea just to mention a few.  (Recently, more doctors specializing in women’s health are prescribing bioidentical progesterone which has been found to be beneficial for many hormone related issues).  As a consequence, many women are left unsure what their alternatives are. One option is to try to balance our hormones naturally to allow the body to function properly.

How To Balance Out Our Hormones Naturally

  1. L-arginine is an essential amino acid.  According to a study done in Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy more than 70% of women who took this supplement increased their sexual desire, had enhanced clitoral stimulation, and noticed decreased vaginal dryness.  The reason for this is that L-arginine is a building block for protein and turns into nitric oxide which in turn causes the blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow to the genital area.  This can also improve erectile function for men.  A typical dose would be 3000 mg daily.  However if you have, herpes L-arginine can cause outbreaks so talking to your physician before starting treatment is recommended.  Caution should also be taken if you have gastric ulcer, liver or kidney disease or low blood pressure.
  2. PEA (phenylethylamine) boosts the neurotransmitter dopamine.  Dopamine helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centre and emotional responses.  This can be taken as a supplement of 60 mg daily or can be boosted naturally through regular exercise, by adding spirulina into our diets (blue green algae) or the best yet - by eating dark chocolate.
  3. Choline is a macronutrient and is key for the functioning of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (Ach) that carries the sexual message through the body.   ACh is important in the process of the build up that occurs before orgasm and the vaginal contractions that affect the intensity and duration of orgasm. With not enough ACh levels in the body, sex drive can decrease.   550 mg daily has been found to be a successful dose.  Choline can be found in salmon, eggs, liver, beef, brussel sprouts and cauliflower.
  4. Tribulus Terrestris, also known as puncture vine, is a herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote sexual health.  It is considered an adaptogen, which means it has a general tonic effect of bringing into balance a variety of hormones and other biochemicals.  It has many benefits including energy enhancement, mood support and urinary tract protection.
  5. Coconut Oil has anti fungal/ anti bacterial properties.  It can be used help aid in vaginal dryness.  Vaginal dryness can be caused by hormonal changes, menopause, breastfeeding, and even anxiety to list a few.  To help relieve some of this you can take a good quality coconut oil and fill it into applicators and freeze, then insert into the vagina not only adding lubrication but preventing yeast infections at the same time.
  6. Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Malaysian ginseng, has been used for anti-aging, to improve libido, energy, sports performance and for weight loss.  The reason that this plant is effective is that it shields the body from modern day stress. It also increases testosterone levels, not by stimulating testosterone but rather by the release rate.  Rather than it being a booster it is considered more of a maintainer.
These are just a few alternatives to rebalance hormones as we shift through the many hormonal phases associated with being a woman. I personally don’t think that the issues are all hormonal or all social.  Finding the balance is important - you could take a yoga class to re-centre and connect to your breath, which has helped some women to achieve optimal orgasms.  Talking to friends and breaking that silence on women’s sexual health can help eliminate the taboos associated with the subject.   Starting group chats to reach out to other women on the subjects that affect you may offer more solutions that have been tested by other women.   Most importantly, taking your time to research all the different options out there and finding the right balance for yourself is the key to taking back your own sexual health.      
(Consulting a healthcare practitioner before adding any new supplements to your body is recommended).  

Taken from the blog: Mandy's Missive, by Mandy Christink
Staff Pick
Veeva Sleep
Dawn Ramey
Nutrition and Footwear Associate

Being a sufferer of poor sleep myself, I was very excited to learn about Veeva Sleep - a natural approach to falling asleep. The unique formula is aimed at relieving tension and quieting the mind to promote a better nights sleep. Both costumers and employees using the product have noticed a wide range of improvements in their sleep, from falling asleep faster to staying asleep throughout the night. Hearing of such great results, and seeing individuals coming back from more, makes this my staff pick product of the month. If you have trouble sleeping, try Veeva Sleep!!!

10% off  for the month of May

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