Corn Fritters, Salmon Patties, Steamed Artichokes and Saurkraut were all staples in my family growing up. And each dish is a clue to my family history. What's on your family's table?  What can the recipes and cookbooks that have been passed down to you tell you about your family tree?

In Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 137 Gena Philibert Ortega, author of From the Family Kitchen: Discover Your Food Heritage and Preserve Favorite Recipes joins me to talk about culinary family history. It's a yummy topic and this interview (part 1) is chock full of ideas that you can use.

Then come join us in my kitchen in these two videos:
Family History and Food - Cookbooks, Recipes, Diets in Our Ancestors Lives
Family History and Food - Cookbooks, Recipes,
Diets in Our Ancestors Lives

Food Family History: Cooking with the Toastite
Food Family History: Cooking with the Toastite
Stay tuned because part 2 of our image will be featured in the next episode of The Genealogy Gems Podcast.
Bon Appetit!
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Sierra in California wrote in to say she's been taking the podcast with her on the road this summer:


"I listen to Genealogy Gems while in the car. We live just north of San Francisco and travel to Tahoe at least once a month. My kids and husband usually fall asleep as soon as the car hits the freeway. Before every trip I download 4 or 5 podcasts to my iphone. As soon as everyone is asleep, I plug my iphone into my car stereo and listen to you for the 3 hour drive. Genealogy Gems makes the trip fly by.


I can't thank you enough for such great content you include each week. I have picked up so many awesome techniques and tips from listening to you. Thanks!"


Thank you Sierra taking me and the podcast along for the ride!  But I have one question:  Are we there yet?!

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