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V 6:4 Dec 8, 2011
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BK Communiqu�

"The source of all learning and wisdom stems from a single      word: why."   

                                     -- Persian proverb

At the Source

The Book:
Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

Why Read It? Author Joseph Jaworski  continues the journey that he began in his bestseller Synchronicity. This time, his search focuses on identifying the Source from which innovation, creativity, and knowledge flow. We all experience such moments and can make incredible progress when we are in the midst of them, but we don't know where this inspiration comes from or how to manually access it.
In an extraordinarily wide-ranging intellectual odyssey, Jaworski relates his fascinating experiences with quantum physicists, cognitive scientists, indigenous leaders, and spiritual thinkers, all focused on getting to the heart of the Source. Ultimately, he develops four guiding principles that encompass the nature of the Source and what we need to do to stay in dynamic dialogue with it.

Read an excerpt here and buy the book for 30% off.

For review and media copies, please contact Cynthia Shannon. 


Publishing News
The Source of Innovation

In this issue of the Communiqu�, we explore how to locate the source of innovation and knowledge so that we can do our best work in our professional and personal lives.

For this issue, Joseph Jaworski provides Four Principles You Must Understand in Order to Locate the Source.
Other News   

+ Guess who's the featured speaker at this year's BookExpo America?

+ An Italian organization is trying to ban Dante's Inferno from classrooms for the poem's racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic content.

+ Toni Morrison has declined to write her autobiography over concerns that her life is "not interesting."

+ The #1 bestselling Kindle book author of all time has been announced. 

+ What happens when an author confronts the person who has pirated his book? Not what you'd expect.

+ Dylan Moran presents a short piece where he vents on behalf of authors everywhere who've received rejection letters. 

+ Have you heard about the five hundred previously unpublished fairy tales discovered in Germany?

+ So, just how green is that new iPad?



+ Free Excerpt from a New York Times Bestseller: Killing Lincoln, by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. Listen to an excerpt here.

+ Free How-To: Identify the ten types of writer's block and learn how to overcome them here.

+ Free Software: Paste virtual Post-it notes on websites by using  this.
Free E-Book (for 48 Hours)
For forty-eight hours, we are giving away e-copies of the bestseller Synchronicity, second edition, by Joseph Jaworski, and you can download it here. In thanks for your loyal readership, this e-book will be available as a free download exclusively for BK Communiqu� subscribers. But act fast! After midnight on March 30, 2012, you're going to have to plunk down $22.95 like everyone else.
BK News Special
The 2012 BK Author Co-op's Annual Retreat will be taking place at the Trinity Conference Center in West Cornwall, CT from October 11 through October 14. Registration is now open with some steep discounts for early birds. Learn more about the program here and if you have any questions, contact Co-op Administrator Brenda Price.
Bonnie Wanders
I'm Bonnie Kaufman, BK's Digital Community Builder and Editorial Associate. I practically live online (when I'm not watching dogs playing fetch with themselves) and am always finding interesting stories and features. Here are some recent favorites:

1. Not looking so good: Appearance-based bias in online micro-lending.

2. New York Magazine investigates something near and dear to my heart: Foodie-ism as youth culture.

3. Operation Midnight Climax: This SF Weekly story about the CIA dosing citizens with L.S.D. is as crazy as it sounds.

4. Another way in which The Hunger Games movie is making news? Exposing youth racism.

5. Important news from West Yorkshire, UK: Choking dog saves his own life.
We Recommend

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End Notes

Last time, I issued this challenge. The first correct answer came from Eric Carlson (who didn't send me his photo so I am assuming that he looks something like the impressively moustachioed gentleman on the right). I should also note that Heather Nicholas offered another, more creative (and racier) answer. Since she works for a fellow publisher, we'll allow it. The answer can be found here.

And your next challenge can be found here.

Email me with any comments or rants as well as thoughts about Batman's new Muslim sidekick.

And if you enjoyed the last newsletter's suggestion for creating chaos in your town, then you'll have no issues with brutally quieting the screaming beans.

P.S. -- this isn't real, is it?
Real fear is being at someone else's house and flushing their toilet after use only to see the water level rising. This and other
incredible observations can be found here:
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