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Local Corner

You have an inspection, find asbestos, now what do you do?

Portney Environmental & Demolition, Inc is the only contractor in San Luis Obispo County licensed to perform both Demolition and Asbestos Abatement services.

Located in Paso Robles, California, Portney Environmental & Demolition, Inc has established its reputation in Central California as the “Go-To” company for efficient, professional, cost-effective hazardous materials abatement. Our focus is on waste reduction, construction and demolition debris recycling and skilled demolition service. Our crews are seasoned, cross-trained, certified professionals, geared to analyze and respond to both planned projects and emergency situations.

Portney Environmental & Demolition, Inc. has been serving the Central Coast area since 1991. We have vast experience in all areas of construction, demolition, excavation and hazardous materials management.

Call Steve Ranes at 805.391.1834 for Estimates or Jeff Portney the Owner/Operator.

CSLB # 598414
DOSH # 1157
Local Vineyard Listings

Live Your Dream. Become a part of the dream, not just experiencing. Let others enjoy your dream.

Ron Johnson - Specialized Winery Evaluations Training

Sourced from: California Regional MLS

Paso Robles Wineries:
Find out what varietals are produced by the Paso Robles Wineries, as well as learn a little about each varietal or blend style. Use this list along with your Wine Tasting Map to help plan your tasting tour in the Paso Robles Wine Country.

Paso Robles Breweries:
Use this Brewery List and Map to visit this areas growing Beer Industry.

Paso Robles Spirit Producers:
Check out the Paso Robles Distillery Trail to add to your wine tours.
Quick Real Estate Facts

North County
Single Family Residential:

Sourced from: California Regional MLS

California Real Estate Facts:

  • Median Home Price
    California - $555,150

  • Highest Median Home Price
    San Francisco - $1,469,000

  • Lowest Median Home Price
    Del Norte - $165,500

Sourced from: California Regional MLS

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Ron Johnson

Kate Graham

Month Event Highlights
T o know your communities, visit:

Paso Robles:

August 3rd, 10th, 17th (Thursdays) -
Concerts in the Park
Downtown City Park - 6pm to 8pm

August 25-26th 
Paso Robles Airfest
Paso Robles Municipal Airport - Fri 6-10, Sat 9-4


August 2nd, 9th, 16th - (Wednesdays) -
Concerts in the Park
Templeton Park - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


August 18th 
HOT El Camino Cruise Night
Fri-Cruise 6:30 - El Camino),

August 19th
Car Show
10-3 - Atascadero Lake

August 19th
Dancing in the Streets
5-10 Downtown Atascadero

June 13th - August 8th (Tuesdays)
Tuesday in the Park BBQ
Atascadero Lake Park - 5pm to 7pm

June 17th - August 12th (Saturdays)
Summer Concert Series
Atascadero Lake Park - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Local Article

This house had 22 offers. Here’s why the owners didn’t take the highest
Real estate agent Laura Barnett put a Dallas-area house on the market three weeks ago and quickly received 22 offers, but she did not take the highest offer. Instead, she took the cash offer because that was the only way to ensure the sale would go through. 
"Anytime prices move up fast, the actual appraisal process, because they're looking back in history, not forward into the future, they are lagging behind," said Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the Realtors group. "From the buyer's perspective, it's a tough situation where they want to rely on the value of the home, on the appraisal, yet they know that if they decide to back away there are other buyers waiting to pounce."
"They are being instructed that unless they have actual comps from past sales, they cannot go on just the fact that they've been given multiple offers. They have to have comps to support it," Barnett said.
Lenders are now far more careful with appraisals than they were during the last housing boom. In turn, appraisers are being very cautious with the current price run-up.

Source: Diana Olick, CNBC Real Estate Reporter July 24, 2017
Local Real Estate Viewpoint

By: Ron Johnson
Associate Broker
CASH is King

I know people have believed for years that they can negotiate a better deal with an all cash offer, and in most cases that's not the case.  The typical seller doesn't care where the money comes from, they are interested in getting the best price.

Well,  Cash is really King in Real Estate.  It's not to get a better deal,  but to get a deal.  Considering prices are rising quickly,  appraisals are lagging the market quite often it's all cash deals as the only way to close the transaction.  

Most All Cash offers do not have Appraisal Contingencies,  so it's so much easier to get a Cash deal closed rather than fighting with an Appraisal. 

e-mail: Ron Johnson
Cooking Corner

Obviously, last-chance summer berries are the perfect excuse to eat dessert twice a day. 

Fontina and Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches

This sandwich is all you need. It is in its own food group. Of course no calories, right?


Got to have that fruit drink to go along with your fruit dish for August.
Wine FAQs

Should you put wine in the freezer?

The most important thing is not to forget about it, 28 minutes max.

‘I put a bottle of Champagne, that was an engagement present, in the freezer hoping to drink it that evening with a barbecue. Alas, opened the freezer door about three hours later to discover the neck had parted ways with the body. I had to defrost it to get all the glass out, and lots of mysterious food surfaced from housemates long gone.' said James Button,  Decanter’s digital wine sub editor.

Ways of chilling wine:
  • Christelle Guibert, Decanter tastings director, recommends the Corkcicle wine chiller, which you keep in your freezer, then slot into your wine bottle when you’re ready and it cools the wine as it pours.
  • Remember, ice sleeves are great for keeping a wine cool that’s already been chilled – but are not as good for trying to cool the whole bottle.
  • Keep some grapes frozen in your freezer, and pop these in your glass, says Peter Richards MW. They’ll work like ice cubes, but without diluting the wine.
  • For big spenders, the Kaelo iceless ice bucket can be built into your kitchen

The “Teabag Method” Wine blogger Drew Lambert, The Wine Wankers
  • Fill your wine glass a little less than half full of ice so you only use the right amount of cubes
  • Pour the ice cubes into a small, clean plastic bag
  • Fill your wine glass to the very top with room temperature wine
  • Leave it for 3 minutes
  • Remove the bag, clean it and re-use it for another time
  • Your wine will now be chilled!

Source: Ellie Douglas,
  Just for Fun

When is the Solar Eclipse at your House?
Check out this website to find the time and obscuration at your location on August 21, 2017.

California News
Staged for Success

Home Staging Decreases Time on the Market, Finds Realtors® Report

"Realtors® know how important it is for buyers to be able to picture themselves living in a home and, according to NAR's most recent report, staging a home makes that process much easier for potential buyers," said NAR President William E. Brown, a Realtor® from Alamo, California and founder of Investment Properties. "While all real estate is local, and many factors play into what a home is worth and how much buyers are will to pay for it, staging can be the extra step sellers take to help sell their home more quickly and for a higher dollar value."

Realtors® representing both buyers and sellers agreed that the living room is the most important room in a home to stage, followed by the master bedroom, the kitchen, and then the yard or outdoor space. The guest bedroom is considered the least important room to stage. 

  • Seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. 
  • Staging the living room for buyers was found to be most important (55 percent), followed by staging the master bedroom (51 percent), and staging the kitchen (41 percent). 
  • Thirty-eight percent of sellers’ agents said they stage all sellers’ homes prior to listing them for sale. 
  • The most common rooms that are staged include the living room (83 percent), kitchen (76 percent), master bedroom (69 percent), and the dining room (66 percent). 

Source: National Association of REALTORS®

Renovations You’ll Get Your Money Back On

We may have (almost) year-round pool weather here, but building your dream pool might leave you underwater.

1.  Front Door Curb appeal, people. You might miss this focal point since, well, it’s hiding in plain sight. But a replacement door, or fresh coat of paint on it and new hardware can really refresh the overall vibe of your home.

2.  New Paint A new coat of paint is like a facelift for your house, changing the appearance from meh to  mmmm-hmmm. For reference: Wood should be re-painted every three to seven years; stucco, five to six.

3.  Anything eco-wise Replacing appliances with low-water, low-energy options mean you can brag about it in a real estate listing, which makes your home sound up-to-date. Tankless water heaters, front-loading washing machines, even new insulation in the attic are all smart-money options.

4.  Kitchens Okay, a gut reno of the whole shebang — including stealing some square footage from a neighboring room — is every home chef’s dream. But just changing the cabinet doors, countertop and flooring can be enough.

5.  Bathrooms Kitchens and bathrooms, the old real estate sales maxim goes, are what sell houses. If you’re flush, go for a gut renovation with luxe surfaces like marble or tile mosaic, as long as the design is clean and classic. (Read: Appealing to the average buyer.) Otherwise, swapping out sink and bath hardware and re-grouting tile are happy options.

6. French Doors Want your home to feel more spacious? Try this trick tailor-made for warm climates: Replace windows on a family room, den or dining room with French doors that open onto an outside patio. Suddenly we’re on the Riviera.

7. Upgrade the outdoor space Instead of expanding your home’s square footage (which doesn’t necessarily add value to your home), take advantage of our beautiful weather by adding an awning to a patio area and create an outdoor living space.

If you already have an agency relationship with a real estate agent, it is not our intention to solicit or interfere with that agency relationship.